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Mervin Tran  Acrobatic knife-shoe performer. Expect food, shenanigans, product placements, and things to get weird.

SBS 3F w/ @livsk8, enough said.

This off-season I dabbled in other sports.
Good or bad, I just tried my friggin best to be better than when I started and kept a smile on my face because fun; might as well have that too.

"Forever Young"
Artist: Kodaim Ear
My cousin captured and submitted this photo as an art piece. Other cousins used to (still do) make fun of me, telling me that I had a poop filled diaper and this was hung up in a gallery for all the town to see.

It's strange to look at a younger version of myself hoping that I'm fulfilling his dreams and that I'm living true to the person in the image with the exception that I'm a poop-free pants wearing adult.

Kayla just became a #ショーンラビット usa-chan fan. @seanrabbitt

Update 09/01/2018
Kayla was kidnapped along with other belongings from our rental car parked on Webster St near the intersection of Post St when we were enjoying a nice dinner in Japantown, San Francisco.

Open-letter to the thief:

To the Smasher of windows, Burglar of vehicles,
I cannot begin to understand what state of mind you must be in or what must be lacking in your life that would lead you to take such actions. Life must be conflicted for anyone who can justify to themselves that this is acceptable behaviour; smashing windows and robbing people of their possessions. I hope you find solace in what you have done and live a better life.
However, you made Marissa cry and for that... I hope you suffer a slow and painful death by toe stub. I don't know how a toe stub will lead to your eventually demise. All I know is that it will be slow, painful, and embarrassing; the likelihood of this occurring is far less than being burglared. If the stars were to somehow align and you were to meet your demise in this fashion; picture me barefooted, atop of your freshly dug grave, dancing to the tunes being played by a ukulele in my hands.

Triple Sal Selfie in a Santa hat.

Sometimes you have to reach past the clouds and become a star. You try to learn from your mistakes but they can lead to a secret level full of surprise and wonder. Sometimes you fall, lose and it's game over; however, it's never truly over until you turn off the game. Sometimes it's just a game. Games are fun

Am I a photographer yet?

Embrace these moments especially when your feet spend more time on the ice than the sun on your skin. @marissacastelli @skatepairs

Try to read this like an infomercial.
Ever taken a sip of coffee and thought, "Hmmm, this tastes terrible." then proceed to drink it regardless?
Ever continued sipping the same terrible cup of coffee and thought, "I'm not even tired, I don't need this energy"
If you answered yes to any of this, you sound like a caffeine addict.
I am one and thankfully this @biprousa Cafè latte tastes amazing and if you're a caffeine addict like me you'll enjoy a wonderful cup of this protein/caffeine filled goodness. Unfortunately it's a limited edition. Get yours today at
But wait, there's more! Use promo code "LATTE10" for an additional 10% off.

Everyone should learn to cook.

Got a new trick for the show season and it's not @marissacastelli 's booty shake.

Got my ass kicked by a snowman.

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