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RB  Skater from Merced C.A 17 years young @Reaperskateboarding @nysmclothing R.I.P Louie 👼🏼💔❤️Noelle Eber❤️💍🌎❤️💖

This is my life I have been skating ever since I was 3years old and now I’m 17 years old I really wish for this to be my life I hope one day I have fans that love to see me skate I hope one day I can call my self a pro skater that would just literally make my whole life I put so much hard work into skating and broke so many bones but can never ever walk away from it until I achieve my goal of being a pro skater PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

Had to post another angle I'm just stoked af that I got this 🎥🎥 @ericjcummins :::::::::: @reaperskateboardingofficial @surveywheels @nysmclothing @photosyn @activefresno @skaters_underground @209_skate_clips #skateboarding

Got the most fucken gnarly sesh in today got a new one off the loading dock to!!!!!! With the homie @ericjcummins 💯💯 @reaperskateboardingofficial @flinstonedclo @activefresno @nysmclothing @activefresno @photosyn @environmentskateboards @surveywheels

Today we have reached half a year in our relationship and I couldn't tell you in worlds how much I love you I hope you know that we have many years together ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍 @n.jordan.e

Go get some dope shit from @reaperskateboardingofficial I'm telling you they got some fire ass shit happening this year and make sure to use my PROMO CODE:::RickyB for 25% off of your purchase @reaperskateboardingofficial @reaperskateboardingofficial @reaperskateboardingofficial @reaperskateboardingofficial @reaperskateboardingofficial #skateboarding

Huge shout out to @reaperskateboardingofficial was not expecting this at all thank you so much please go check them out and get some of there dope shit @reaperskateboardingofficial @reaperskateboardingofficial @reaperskateboardingofficial @reaperskateboardingofficial @reaperskateboardingofficial @reaperskateboardingofficial

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