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Skandigirl-Life in the Suburb!  My name is Annika. I live in Reston, VA,(DC Metro area) USA I am from Stockholm, Sweden! My Insta-pics are all taken with my iPhone 5s.

Monday morning by the lake! It feels so good to be able to put a lot of power into my steps again πŸ‘πŸ»

This is the year when spring arrived a bit too early... Lovely walk this afternoon. Now I will sit back and watch all the Academy Awards hoopla hoo for the rest of the afternoon and the entire evening. This is is like my super bowl πŸ˜‰

Blue, calm, mild Friday! A lovely pw this morning. Happy Friday πŸ’™

Yes, it is coming! Prunus and hazel catkins ...

Here and now 🌸

Such a mild, calm and sunny Monday πŸ’™

What a day! It's like spring, 20 C (or 68F). I've been on an insta-meet with a handful of Reston instagrammers! So much fun meeting you all! @whatmatterns @mprochnow @funinfairfax @peterbnyrenphoto @modernreston . Looking forward to our next meet up!

Pic from my pw this very morning. This "winter" is like an extended fall. Where is the cold? And, where is the snow? Winter, guess how much I miss you!

Happy Valentine's Day ❀️ I wish you all the very best today 🌹

Sunday walk with Peter! We really did get caught in the rain...🌧

Out and about! I think this is an interesting Reston neighborhood, The Wharf! Happy Friday ⭐️

Such an extremely mild morning ... πŸ’™