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SKAM ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS 🌹  New owner. Translated messages are posted! (all credits to twitter/tumblr) DM with any questions 😊 vote Henrik and Tarjei⬇️

NEW FROM SANA'S INSTA! (@therealsanabakkoush) caption: when you're being tested

NEW CHAT! swipe right for translation! ©: stayinherewithyou on tumblr

NEW FROM VILDE'S INSTA! (@ellevillevillde) caption: Lemme introduce:

NEW CLIP! Swipe for transcript/summary 💗 ©: ISAKxEVEN on twitter

NEW FROM VILDE'S INSTA! (@ellevillevillde) caption: 🕊

Sana: *screenshot of article*
Yousef: stalker
Yousef: It's a touching story ©: stormboxx on tumblr

The 'O Helga Natt' scene from season 3 is also nominated for TV Moment of The Year at Gullruten! 💛 Vote at:
No personal info is required, it's just a captcha! *relives TV top couple voting days*

NEW EMAILS BETWEEN THE 2 GIRL GROUPS! swipe for translation. ©: ISAKxEVEN on twitter

My grandmother once told me "Flowers are so important and much stronger than they look, and my love, so are you." 🌷🌻Never let yourself think otherwise 💛

NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO FROM THE BALLOON SQUAD! swipe for summary! ©: ISAKxEVEN on twitter

NEW FROM VILDE'S INSTA! (@ellevillevillde) caption: 🙏🏻

Congratulations to @julieandem on winning Best Director and Writing at Gullruten! A truly deserved win 💛 ©: siwrenates on twitter

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