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Edits  MY ACCOUNT IS @VoidApple

I know I have made an account before, but I wanted to make something completely new. I wanted a new start in my account. So if you like my edits, without skam, please follow @voidapple for daily edits. This will be instead of this account. I am sorry, but I am not deleting this account. So feel free to look through my older edits.❤️

~Jerika~ ⚠️I am sorry I haven't posted, but I am so unsure if I should keep the account. You guys followed me because you wanted to watch skam edits.. but I don't know if I want to keep making edits of a show that doesn't run anymore. So should I stop posting and make a new account? Or post edits like this one? (And more stuff obviously) please comment your opinion, thank you for your attention ⚠️

I know this is really bad, but I made this like an hours before I had to leave for my plane.. so I had a lot of pressure😅 the edit is better than nothing! Have a nice summer! (Typical that my program works when I am leaving..)

Who is your favourite character in skam?
Colouring: @voidgold

What do you think happens between Sana and Yousef?
What do you think about William coming back? I used so much time on this edit😅❤️❤️ hope you like it!
Colouring: @voidgold

Boys or the girls? I have my last exam next week👏🏼😅 And sorry for not posting. I had this presentation.. that was really important for my grade😉 school first sorry.
Colouring is mine✌🏼️

Noora❤️ what do you think of season 4 Noora?
Colouring: me❤️

Thank you guys so much for 20k views on my last edit! It's crazy❤️ I love you guys sooo much!

I love Noora, but I don't love that she kissed Yousef. Do you think Sana and Yousef are ending up together?

I made this a while ago❤️ Is it annoying that I don't post skam all the time? Hope everyone in Manchester are alright❤️ (I know many people died and got hurt)

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