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Sara Jolene-Guziak West  California. Naturalist, mama, wife, artist, musician, lover, warrior, gardener. One planet, one race: HUMAN. ♡ All pics mine unless noted.

People oughta spell and grammar check their stupid scammy adverts. Just sayin'. No offense to the Christian folks out there, btw.... offense meant only definitely to scammers who push this kind of garbage in the first place.... again, just sayin.' Athiest must also sure hate Holly Hand Grenade of Antioch?? Couldn't help myself. Ok. I'm done now.

That smile. 💕 A happy moment from yesterday, playing after school.

Braving the hailstorm. Walking home.

A few days before Christmas, right around the Solstice, in Brookings, Oregon, visiting my Dad. I can't remember the name of the park, but the entire park was absolutely covered and filled with light displays. It was seriously awesome, and we had to practically drag the kids out of there. Also, Devin has been really interested in learning about the pagan roots of many Christmas/ holiday traditions and decorations. So much to see and learn, every day. Anyway-- just wanted to share. #keepitlight #christmaslights #lightdisplay #holidays #silentnight #wintersolstice #itsnotachristmastree #orisit #pagantraditions #holidaytraditions #theworldisalwayschanging

Devin. Day after Christmas, #treeclimbing in Lafayette. He asked me to take a picture of him. #nofilter #family #treeclimber #treehugger #love

Wanted to share this fun collage Devin and I made together. It was " #soccershots Sunday" for us, first day of the Winter season. Devin loves Soccer Shots Accademy so much and really looks forward to it. He's been taking classes from Soccer Shots ever since he was 3, starting with weekly sessions in his preschool, then continuing with doing weekend "park classes" for a couple years, and now he's taking the Accademy which is slighy more focused on developing more advanced soccer skills and teamwork. I'm certain that soccer has been a HUGE contributing factor to developing Devin's confidence, coordination and his love of active play (physical literacy is so important to kids' health and wellbeing, especially in this age when it's so easy for us to all find ourselves stuck in front of a screen all day... including our kids), among other things. Gotta find positive ways to develop those healthy habits. Plus it's just plain fun. Coach Jon is absolutely amazing with all the kids. The other coaches we've had have also been great, but Jon is Devin's fav, he's a great role model and Devin is so happy that the Accademy class is back in session with him again. I could go on gushing but I'll leave off now, ha. Any parents out there, if you are looking for a fun, low key way to get your kids moving (which is also affordable!), I highly recommend Soccer Shots. #positivevibes #family #soccer #physicalliteracy #getmoving #berkeley #healthyhabitsstartyoung

VICTORY-- BREAKING NEWS-- Army Corps of Engineers denies easement, calls for full environmental impact statement on pipeline. #nodapl #dakotapipeline #standingrock This is the official statement released by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Check out facebook for the live feed.

#Sailing the great #oxalis sea. (Devin found this torn piece of paper bag and thought it looked like a #sailboat ... he set it in this oxalis patch and said, look mama, it looks like it's sailing away now!) :) :) #family #berkeley #goingforawalk #seebeautyeverywhere #upcycledart

"Mama, your your heart is broken, I have to give you a check up and give you some medicine!" -Doctor Superhero Cailean
(At preschool this morning) :)

Outside the Berkeley Central Library. I've seen these posted all over the city. Hyperbole? Maybe. I hope so. Only time will tell. Who knows if Trump is truly willing to go down that path himself, or if he is just a businessman with an eye for for opportunity who doesn't care who "supports" him as long as it gets him the power he desires? Will it matter in the end? With increased hate crimes already being committed across our country, certainly no one can argue against the fact that plenty of people are taking advantage. They are using this opportunity to get back at any group they have been taught to hate, to target and intimidate anyone from any group they feel has "wronged" them or doesn't "belong." The Southern Poverty Law Center has reported an increase in hate and racism related crimes since the election, 437 (as of November 14th) and rising.
One woman in Colorado told the S.P.L.C. that her twelve-year-old daughter was approached by a boy who said, “Now that Trump is President, I’m going to shoot you and all the blacks I can find." (Source: Is this okay? With anybody? In any world? Those of us who did not vote for Trump obviously don't think so. And I would hazard a guess that plenty of people who did vote for him do not think it's okay, either.
So, here we are. I think we all need to keep a few things in mind as we decompress from the election and figure out how to move forward-- no matter who you voted for. Yes, things are uncertain. Our politics feel more "polarized" than ever. But we ARE still one country. Fighting amongst ourselves, threatening each other, blaming each other, these things are NEVER the answer. We have power as a people to hold our elected officials accountable. Start local. Pay attention. That's what I'm going to do. Keep your eyes on the next election in your area, wherever you are. SPEAK UP. That's what the folks who are posting these signs are doing. Whether you agree with the message or not, no one could argue that they are not trying to do their best. That's all you can do. Get involved.

Devin and Cailean playing together after school yesterday, at John Muir Elementary. A happy day. Just wanted to share!

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