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St. Joseph's Collegiate Inst.

50 members of the Class of 1967 walked across the graduation stage tonight as part of our commencement ceremony. Some traveled far distances to be with us, and we are grateful for their presence in our community - serving as a reminder to our graduates about the strength of the St. Joe's brotherhood #classof2017 #sjci

In September of 2013, we gathered this group of excited and nervous boys for a photo to capture their first day of freshmen year at St. Joe’s. Tonight, we will all gather to witness these young gentlemen of integrity walk across the stage at graduation. Bring on the cheers and the tears #classof2017 #commencement

The sun was shining on the seniors during the morning class prayer on their last regular school day. In the words of Campus Minister Chris Panepinto '02: "We stood together for the first time four years ago. Look around today and remember that you are always connected to each other, to the St. Joe's community, and to our Loving God." #classof2017 #brotherhood

A Message from President Robert T. Scott, AFSC:
Yesterday, we asked you to honor the 946 teachers, staff, and students who walk into St. Joe's every day. We shared stories across social media platforms -- celebrating our rich tradition, our bright future, and OUR St. Joe's.
I'm proud to announce that 968 donors joined the celebration, and I'm incredibly thankful for the continued strength of this community. St. John Baptist de La Salle . . . Pray for Us! Live Jesus in our hearts . . . Forever!

Sound the trumpets! (It's after midnight, so there really aren't any students here.) But we did it! 946 donors in just one day! We are so grateful for all of our generous donors. It's not too late to join the celebration though! We may be turning off the lights, but you can visit all night long #ourstjoes

Update: We are just 32 donors away from meeting our goal! The lights are still on, and we are here to accept your gift. Visit or call 716.270.4110 #ourstjoes

Thomas Dunia from the Class of 2018 is an extraordinary St. Joe’s man. We invite and encourage you to visit to hear his story.
In the spirit of De La Salle, please help us ensure that a St. Joe's education is possible for future generations of incredible young men by visiting #ourstjoes

Today, we celebrate the athletes, the artists, the scientists, the poets, the innovators, the historians, the musicians, the mathematicians – all 946 individuals who add to the diversity and richness of our community.
An incredible 761 donors have honored them already today. Let’s get fired up and meet our goal of 946! Visit #ourstjoes #fireitup

Our students are hard at work – calling friends of St. Joe’s to reach our goal of 946 donors in one day!
Thank you to the 637 donors who have joined our challenge thus far in honor every member of our school community. Join us at or by calling 716.270.4110. #ourtradition #ourfuture #ourstjoes

A St. Joe's man is a finely tuned machine, and can often be found crushing weights or moving large rocks. We are up to any challenge, including today's: 946 donors in one day!
Already 536 alumni, parents, and friends have joined the celebration with a gift. We are more than half way to our goal, but we need your help.
Let's crush this goal! Visit or call 716-270-4110. #straightdiesel #nodaysoff #ourstjoes

Senior Josh Thermidor found his voice at St. Joe's. After four years of studying literature, public speaking, and film, Josh credits the teachers inside our building for allowing him to realize and pursue his interest in writing. Next year, he will study English and Journalism - chasing his dream to use words to make the world a better place.
Can you make a gift today to allow more students to discover their talents and have the same opportunities? This is who we are; this is #ourstjoes. Visit or call 716.270.4142 to join this effort now.

The St. Joe's cafeteria is special -- it's a room alive with generations of stories and a place where no one sits alone. Our students enter as freshmen from every corner of Western New York, from nearly 100 elementary schools and across 29 school districts. Then, over chicken patties and meatball subs, they get to know each other, discover who they are as individuals, and start to form the friendships that will build into a lifelong brotherhood. Help us ensure that all deserving young men have a place at our table. Please visit or call 716.270.4110 today. #ourstjoes

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