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SJANA ELISE EARP  Full Time Fun Seeking, Yoga Doing, Hug Giving, Sun Loving, Travel Enthusiast 🤗 • Find my BAM Yoga program in the SWEAT app 🧘🏼‍♀️ •

When he goes in for the kiss and you freak out and show him all your teeth 😬

And I pray that there are a million more sunrises for me to see ✨

Hello, Sunshine ☀️

What would you do if you had no limitations?
Would you be able to cultivate the courage and the curiosity to try new things?
Would you have the confidence to challenge your boundaries and discard your comfort zones?
Could you surrender your ego? Remove your fears?
Love unconditionally?
Why aren’t you doing that anyway? What’s stopping you? Fear of being inadequate? Fear of not meeting other peoples expectations? Or fear of not meeting your own..?
Why do we feel the need to strive for perfection? Can we not find success, victory and ultimate fulfilment from simply trying our best in each and every moment? From living with an open mind and heart? From surrendering completely to the present, existing lightly and in a way that encourages others to do the same?
Today, I challenge you to give yourself a break. Stop, take 15 seconds to do nothing but B R E A T H E . To feel the cool air enter your nose, and to feel that air warming as it fills your chest, lungs and belly. Feel your tummy rise and fall on every inhale and exhale. Feel that breathe energising your whole body, nourishing your mind. Allow yourself to just exist, nothing more, no expectations. And remind yourself how simple this life really is.
All you need to do is breathe. The rest is simply, colour 💛
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Be a helpless romantic with me.
Let’s buy a van.
Lets’s spend a few months doing it up,
Then let’s drive aimlessly through our world. Across the country, pulling up wherever fate takes us.
Let’s make love beneath the stars.
Let’s rise before the sun every morning and welcome the day embraced in eachothers arms.
Let’s surf until our limbs are weak, our minds foggy and our skin is tickled pink.
Let’s eat our way through Europe.
Let’s sail the seven seas.
Let’s rent a place in another country for a while, live within a foreign culture.
Let’s bury ourselves somewhere unfamiliar.. Let’s lose ourselves entirely, and resurface only to do it all over again.
Let’s crash a wedding together.
Let’s spend all of our money on adventures, and then bathe in our richness.
Let’s go to every continent,
Kiss me in every corner of the world.
Let’s have a drink, or maybe two and dance by the shoreline, forgetting our worries and our clothes.
Let’s get a mortgage together.
Let’s live a life so full that we become broke and infinitely happy.
Let’s have a family. With a messy house, a big backyard, a dog and at least three kids!
We can home school them, teach them the importance of kindness, teach them languages and about love.
We can paint the walls of our home with knowledge and colour,
Fill the door frames with evidence of our existence and our childrens growth.
We can hang sheets from the fruit trees in the backyard and laugh endlessly to all our favourite movies being projected on to the leaves.
We can surf until sunset every single day, and then crawl home hungry and high on the sweet taste of salt.
Let’s make something of this life.
Let’s forget the rules and social norms and expectations.
Let’s exist so honestly, so truthfully, so freely that others look at us like we may just be crazy.
Let’s agree to champion this world, together.
Let’s live and love,
Until we forget our names and find ourselves sipping tea on an unfamiliar porch.
Until we surrender to the weight of our eyelids and curl up in the soil beneath our feet.
Let’s exist so unapolagetically that we are liberated from this Universe, and can find each other again in another...

Shibuya Crossing, Japan 🙌🏻
You get a gold star if you can spot me in the video 🙈 hint: there is coincidentally more than one yogi in this video haha

I haven’t even left yet, but I miss this place already ✨

My Happy Place 🙌🏻🐬✈️☀️🤗👌🏻

Sunshiney Days ☀️☀️☀️

You guys are always asking what I do to keep my face happy and hydrated. Here's my answer! Aqua Reotier is how I hydrate my skin 🙈 @loccitaneusa #ad #loveloccitane #howihydrate

Moments like these ✨just me, my mat and some music 👌🏻 @aloyoga

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