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SJANA ELISE EARP  Full Time Fun Seeking, Yoga Doing, Hug Giving, Sun Loving, Travel Enthusiast 🤗 • Find my BAM Yoga program in the SWEAT app 🧘🏼‍♀️ •

Adventures with you are my favourite ☀️ @loudawg_ and I discovered so many ways you can tandem ride a single person bike today, pretty chuffed with ourselves haha 😂👌🏻

✨ Y O U .
📷: @siennamoraless

Creased cloth drapes from earth kissed limbs, tea cups stained with traces of yesterday.
His caffeine kisses linger on my lips whilst his fingers trace my hips. #writtenbysjana

You are the love and light of my life, you’re my sunshine when there’s rain ❤️ @loudawg_
Thanks for such a fun shoot @siennamoraless - you are amazing! Such a talented and beautiful young woman, it was an absolute pleasure to shoot with you, share a few too many giggles and even though we all got POURED on by rain throughout the whole shoot it was an absolute delight !! 💛🤗☀️

Whatever you do, do it with your whole heart. Do it with your whole soul. Do it with meaning. Do it with intention. Do it with grace. Do it with lightness and do it with love. Do it with thought. Do it with compassion and do it with kindness.
Do not doubt your ability to create a positive change in this world. Do not assume all transformation is large. Understand that even the smallest of change is progress, and progress in itself is movement at its finest.
So move. Move small, move slow or move large and fast. Just move. Create shifts and create space for change.
#writtenbysjana @aloyoga

A twisted but beautiful chaos lives within me.
And I accept her ✨

And like the sun, I fall for you every day ✨ @loudawg_ #writtenbysjana

To me, yoga isn’t just about increasing flexibility or standing on my head. Yoga is about finding the balance between my body and my mind; knowing when to challenge myself, and when to surrender.
If you’re wanting to challenge yourself a little more, reconnect to your true self and expand your limits, you can try my BAM (Body And Mind) Yoga program in the @sweat app!
SWEAT has also introduced new trainers, new programs, and new features to help you hit your fitness goals in 2019! Update to the latest version of the @sweat app to see for yourself 💛🧘🏼‍♀️🤗✨

I’m on my way baby!! 🌈🤗✨ This is the first Christmas i’ll spend away from my family, BUT I will be spending it with my other families... Yes, plural. @loudawg_ and his fam, and the family of friends we have shaped in Hawaii! I’m so excited to get back and celebrate with all those big Hawaiian hearts!! ❤️🌱

My go to avoidance technique.
If there’s ever something I don’t want to do, I just dig my head in the sand, and throw my feet in the air haha 😂 @aloyoga

Take shelter in the knowledge that everything you need, is already within you.
Find comfort through the realisation of your natural state of immense richness. Become truly present and melt in awe of your own abundance and wealth.
Wealth not of money and material, but wealth of your heart, your mind, your body and your spirit.
We are bodies of happiness, success, curiosity, wonder, intrigue, excitement, enthusiasm, determination, resilience, strength, power and light. In order to fulfill our ultimate potential and step in to the life we desire, we must stop seeking some sort of external acceptance or gratification, and instead look internally. We already hold all the answers to our own questions. We already posess the wisdom we need. And we are just as capable of giving ourselves guidance as we are at accepting it.
If you don’t believe me, I challenge you to sit.
I challenge you to sit, close your eyes, breathe, and do not much else.
Honour your power by removing your facade, removing your attachment to ego, removing all expectations and pre-conceived notions. Allow yourself to just exist, that is all.
Outfit: @aloyoga

4 days and i’ll be able to annoy you again @loudawg_ 🙈💛

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