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JJ  S. Jae-Jones, but just JJ, if you please. NYT bestselling author of WINTERSONG. And she abandons her mind to obscure arts.

The happiest of Mother’s Days to my 엄마. ❤️

Warm weather means wavy hair and freckles.
I think I’m getting the hang of wavy hair now. God bless the Internet because now I know not to rub my hair dry with a towel. WHO KNEW. Also it is a damn shame I don’t get freckles because I think I look adorable in them.
Let’s talk makeup, because I love makeup. I’m a fan of the “boy beat” (as coined by Queen Bey’s makeup artist, Sir John). My interpretation of the look is a “natural but structured” sort of face that doesn’t try to hide the flaws. The irony, of course, is that I hide unwanted pigmentation with concealer and then redraw them on in more aesthetically pleasing places. I didn’t get into makeup until I was an adult—mostly because I didn’t understand how makeup was artistry, but also because I didn’t like the way I looked with it on. A lot of current makeup trends simply don’t work for me: the ultra highlighted + contoured look, a winged out smokey eye, the contemporary cut-crease, etc. My concentration for my AP Visual Art portfolio in high school was portraiture, and it wasn’t until I understood the how the shapes and textures of my face came together that I understood how to start wearing makeup.
- SPF 50 sunscreen (I don’t really like foundation or even CC cream: it looks too heavy on my skin)
- spot concealer for unwanted pigmentation (I left my vampire dark circles)
- mascara
- an ashy blonde brow pencil for brows
- an ashy blonde and an ashy brown brow gel for freckles
- Revlon’s Fire & Ice lipstick rubbed on with a finger
- bronzer
- a coral blush
This is where I’m going to go all visual artist on you: skin has a translucency to it that is generally best achieved in washes of color that build up. Start with a neutral-toned gel or cream two shades lighter than your natural hair and use a liner brush to dot them in. Any place that gets sun first (incidentally, this is also where bronzer would go)—nose bridge, tops of the cheeks, high points of the forehead, upper lip, chin. Roll the brush between thumb and forefinger as you apply. Lightly blend any that are too stark or even. Repeat with a darker color.
Any makeup fans? Let me know!

Tea with some of my favorite people.
The weather has finally—FINALLY—gotten beautiful enough to luxuriate in. Too bad I am allergic to the entire season of spring. The other day I worked outside and gloried in the heat and sunshine...only to come home and break out in hives. I hate the cold, but the goth in me apparently hates warmth and goodness and everything beautiful in the world. Harrumph.

Ah, the life of a writer. So productive. So hygienic. So full of joy and inspiration.
It’s the kind of writing day where you teach yourself how to make a GIF because that seems easier than what you’re actually working on.

Dear spring: when?
I’ll just be sitting here in my armchair in the only place that is vaguely spring-ish in my house until you arrive, I guess.

Portrait of a traveling author.
Thanks so much to the Orlando Book Festival and @ocls for hosting me, and thanks as well to all the readers—old and new—I met there. ❤️
White-Harp wants to know why there are unicorn, dinosaur, and dragon emojis, but seals get no love.

Blue skies and sun.
Sometimes I feel weird about saying “blue skies.” I used to skydive pretty regularly, and we would always say “Blue skies” to our friends who have died in the sport. But today blue skies are for happiness, and for warmth, because spring finally seems to be peeking out her head.

New haircut! I’ll never get it this straight again!
It may look beautiful but it is very much not. Spring, where art thou? I love a Hades and Persephone myth as much as anyone, and I volunteer as tribute to the Underworld if it means the Persephone can go home to her mother and bring a little warmth back to the world.

Oh yeah? SAYS WHO.

The face of a woman who is ready to retire this bomber jacket and finally get some warm weather.

Gotta goth up cycling class. 🚴🏻‍♀️💀

The face of a woman who forgot to pre-clean her house before the cleaning lady arrived and is now living with the shame of having exposed the outside world to her deadline state of filth.

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