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Seven-hour drive home to a pre-Birthday Funfetti cake with chocolate frosting. I leave again on Tuesday for work, so getting 36 hours with my family is everything. I ate it with a fork straight out the pan. #birthday #thisis36 #family #home #funfetti #cake #love #thevoice

I’m feet away from the Professional triathletes. And yet this man. This incredible man, who cannot move from the waist down has my full attention. I am healthy, strong and able-bodied. And I did this race in over 16 hours. This wonderful, brilliant man is racing today. What an inspiration. I am reminded of my pain and struggle, and then see him, smiling, as he attempts to do 140.6 miles - without the use of his legs. If that’s not the most amazing thing, I don’t know what is. Do something bigger. Be someone stronger. Do the impossible. #ironman #lakeplacid #inspiration #amazing #triathlon #swimbikerun #allthefeels #leadbyexample #justshowup

Eat dinner alone. You can reflect, be still, and not be judged based on your order. #cutest #delicious #alonetime #mirrorlake #lakeplacid #local #solo

To be where you’ve been after you’ve already gone reminds you it’s not who you were but who you emphatically are. #ironman #lakeplacid #beautiful #findyourself #inspiration #iam

Leaving this nugget to go back to the place my life significantly changed for the third time; Lake Placid. I cried this morning. But can’t wait to one day show her where mommy became an IRONMAN. #workingmom #daughter #1yearold #love #seeyousoon #HarperVida #friday #myheart #cuteness

One last 1st Birthday post. My VIP pass and all-you-can eat pitocin wrist bracelet. Twenty-four hours, pushing at 7cm, and minutes away from a C-section. 11:19 was the worst minute of my life. We thought you hadn’t made it. And at 11:26, after the flood of hands, tears, blood, and hard work by the Mt.Sinai staff, you gasped. It was the single best second of my entire life. Now, then, and always. I have a feeling the years to come will be no less anticipated, exciting, and dramatic. #HarperVida #71917 #firstbirthday #newmom #thebeginning #modernmedicine #nyc #born #

I wasn’t going to go crazy but then I stopped at Target and needed a toy guitar, blow-up hippo, cars that vroom, a play box thingy...oh, and dish soap. Her favorite was the $4 paper banner that won’t stay on the beams. #firstbirthday #HarperVida #spendthemoney #happy #target #love #basementtakeover

According to a London study, it takes 66 days for something to become a habit.

It’s been 365 days since you arrived. One year.

Nothing about you has been routine; not one day the same. You’re the most amazing, sassy, difficult, sleepless, silly and gentle soul I’ve ever met. The best pieces of me and your father melded into a completely independent and wonderful little person.

On your first birthday, I will tell you the things you’ve done. The things you’ve taught me to do. The way you’ve changed this world.

1. You’ve taught us to be messy. To be mismatched. To appreciate a stain as a memory - be it poop or pasta sauce.
2. You’ve altered our priorities. Sacrifice has turned to choice. Nothing we “give up” can top life with you or for you.
3. We now know a human only needs 3-5 hours of sleep to function reasonably well. And contorting my arms and broken shoulders to snuggle with you is worth the risk of not being able to move them the next morning.
4. You love music. And other kids. And you share...with animals and people and inanimate objects that make noise. I hope one day the singing stuffed elephant eats the piece of watermelon.
5. You’ve reinforced the need to be good people. To show you how to treat people and things. To be good parents, friends, citizens and humans.
6. You’ve chilled us out. So you ate a piece of dog food and I am walking around with a hole in the crotch of my pants. Whatever.
7. You remind us to be grateful for every day. To appreciate health and the opportunity to live. As long as we’re breathing and together, we’re okay.
8. You center us. When we start thinking about fighting over who front-loaded the dishwasher and not wearing a t-shirt during sex, we remember how insignificant it all is.
9. Our resolve to fight for your best interest is insane. I’ve always been crazy, but telling a stranger that I will shit in her food because she told you to “ssshhh” at a mall food court is next level. I will advocate for you always. Always.
10. I’ve never been so sure of anything. The wild card that is our day to day reminds me that nothing is as important as you and our family. You are the ultimate Finishers prize. #HarperVida #1 #birthday

Tonight, one year ago, we got ready to meet our daughter. We had some idea of what was ahead, but nothing quite prepared us for the journey that is Harper Vida Western. The next 24 hours would prove harder than anything I’ve encountered thus far. And yet there is nothing I would trade for it. #oneyearago #labor #HarperVida #journey #loveofmylife #pregnant #bump #nyc #onceuponfourepidurals

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