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🐝Bee Ouk⚜️  JeepGang🔘IIIIIII🔘 ⚜New Orleans Saints⚜ Long Beach, California🇰🇭 Stay Irie ❤️💛💚 W H O D A T N A T I O N

why the cuzzo @jack_soung always warm his truck up and never lock the doors, So i always sneak into the back and scare him lmao! 👻😱

“wanna test me? I don’t back down”.............. Mitch you’ll get yo damn sweat sherrrrt after this JUDO move. lmao 😂👏🤝

Happy Birthday to my guy @rockybalboaeng last night was awesome, thanks sanny for the dope seats. 🎈🎈 #ItsThuahBday #TheThuah #AhThuah #AThuahsThuah #SorryKimlengIHaveNoFoodForYou #DodgersWin #itfdb⚾️💙

L O S D O D G E R S ❤️

so wussup instagram where the girls at? @azariah_boi_lbc got his photoshoot he wanted with the top off in SD anything for you boo. LOL #JeepGang #JeepJK #jeepwrangler #jeepthing #jeepthang #JeepWave #jeep

Had an awesome weekend with all my Day 1 brothers! We all were long overdue on a boys trip and it was awesome hanging out like them old days! @lb_swaggyc bachelor was a great excuses to get super sloshed lmao Good times! love yall! @bukmikego @azariah_boi_lbc @echan2004 @chan_p_thebarber @rong_pin @mikywouldgo @aaye.wolf @westcoastkingpin_ #GBlock #LaoNation #04 #ChandaraWithTheCapris #WeeWee #SkinTight

You ever picked someone right out of bed while they’re in a deep sleep snoring and proceed to @therock Bottom them, what a way to end this weekends bachelor party lol😃 @rong_pin #CanYouSmellItNowRong

damn @rong_pin moved back home to cali and already making moves and he ain’t wasting no time. He ain’t with that bullshit. He is back and actively looking...

Welcome home to my brother @rong_pin , 5 years in east coast made his ass pale Af oh vampire lookin ass MF. 🧛🏻‍♂️ #LBC #Repost🔄 @mula_the_saint

Cheers to another blessed year with family and friends! Thank you all for the bday wishes, Roast, and shout-outs. Thank you to my lovely girlfriend @mel0dy_k for tricking me and allowing me to celebrate another year with all y’all last night, I love you guys. ❤️🙏 I gots the biggest hangover ever recored in United States of America! 🤦🏽‍♂️


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