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🐝Bee Ouk⚜️  #J2Fit #JeepJk 🔘IIIIIII🔘 ⚜New Orleans Saints⚜ Long Beach, California Adrenaline Junkie 😱 Stay Irie ❤️💛💚 Buddha🇰🇭 also Down with G.O.D


swept the Panthers 👌 times!! Good win for the #WhoDatNation road to the Super Bowl, bring on the Vikings! ⚜️⚜️ #Round2 @mula_the_saint @lomluan @_mister_ly @ric_ham @bo_deuce @saints @_whodatnation_

AyYyye...... #WinterInLBC

Wanted spaghetti and Instead of using traditional noodles we used spaghetti squash, ground turkey and marinara sauce. Tasted pretty bomb, we’re so proud of ourselves lol! 😂🍈🍝 #spaghettisquash

Don’t believe fake news, SpaceX blah blah blah. It wasn’t them...... slide to the ⬅️

Campground Friendsmas!! #famILY #Campgrounds #Friendsmas 🎄♥️

You know when you were young and burned a CD and write “Bomb Azz Love Mix” on it, yeah I got to see some of them in person! Bucket list ✔️ off #Genuwine #BlackStreet #947theWave #RealRnB #GrownFolksMusic

👫❤️Took my Boo @mel0dy_k to her first ⚜️ game and had a blast, Even tho we Took the L but had fun making all rams fans quiet! “who’s house?” “Trojans house! shuttup” lmao #WhoDat #WhodatNation #SaintsVsRams ⚜️⚜️#blackandgoldfriday #saintsgameday @saints

Thank you to everyone who took the time out to help out and who donated for todays mission on feeding the homeless. Spread awareness, spread the message, spread love at the end of the day someone was able to eat today. Different reasons same goals, Don’t matter on how you see it. THATS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS. Stay Blessed🙏 #OperationFeedLB

alot of feelings were hurt in this picture! Everyone was taking “L’s” and getting screamed at from @mr_gbz including myself on this trip lmfao!! #GoodTimes #HappyBdayStogy #HappyBdayTimmothy

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