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Shongwe SS (شكرا لكم نعمة)  Monotheist👣, Student🎓,Asante Baraka✊..Writer📖 Human👨..Fashion addict🤵

Shy away from the camera!!😅... Self-induced black Friday 😎 #AsanteBaraka

Just remember..." He who makes you angry controls you" - anonymous 😎😀🙂

I #Chooseday to be seen for my flaws, never taken weak for them and to find my strength through them... #AsanteSanaUniverse

Colours!! Explosion of creativity and passion... When I pull up with my squad it's a photoshoot! Cameras pop! Strike a pose!😎✌️ Full article link: @durbanisyours bio
Dressed by: @pattern.nation 📷: @tyladurban
Face art: @queen_nandy_

..Don't listen to the nay sayers!! They are scared to be themselves.. When I grow up I want to live beyond normality!
(behind the scenes)
Dressed by:@pattern.nation
Face art: @queen_nandy_
Photos: @tyladurban
Styled by: @steve_slay

Even though there's a missing melody in our harmony...💔...

Cheers to 22!!!...I could write a very long message my dear friend, the memories you have instilled in my heart don't go unnoticed...I love you...Know that while you can still read this... Happy Birthday Mel!😎

What's normal anyway...?🤔...

Asante kwa baraka Universe!🍃...It may not make sense to me now, but to you it does, and I acknowledge our synergy!

...and I #Choose to be different😎... Push me to the floor, and watch me soar through the war!

At the end of a mother's prayer, is a son, who hustles for her womb to tingle with pride! #AsanteSanaMama❤️

From the ashes- the rise of the black phoenix! #AsanteBaraka 💥😜 >>>

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