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Katie Blunt  Oh look, something pretty.

Big tree, tiny boyherd.

Excellent Band Name: Neon Doughnut

Second Grade Open House Teef

My life.

I stick head in here now ok

Guys. This is my piñata dress, which is the physical manifestation of my soul and which I have coveted for a year. I found it on clearance HURRAY but I didn’t have time to have it altered, so I used ONE MILLION strips of dress tape to adhere it to my torso. This was fine until sweating happened and my bewbs kept flopping out. But, as usual, Beyoncé saved the day and sent me this top from on high (or Target, whatever). Amen.

Happy wedding, you guys.

Sometimes my job is mariachi ópera and pirates and streamers and @experimentalquesadillalab. Sometimes it’s this. One is maybe funner than the other.

Here we have mah husband and his thumbs flying in a magazine.

And then @guacanoali took this photo after the nest came down. It’s maybe even better than this morning?

I mean I just love Grady’s long hair in general but today? Today is Crazy Hair Day and I put a dragon nest on his head. A dragon nest, you guys.