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Craig Whitehead  📸Fujifilm X-pro2 @streetsacademy 📍Cambridge/London ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📩 Next London street Workshop September 2nd

This seemed to be the one I got the most messages about from my story so here you go! Not ready to share anything from today. Shots need to sit and marinate for a while, also when you have 10 options of shots you like from the same spot editing down is hard. #lensculturestreets

No way to predict some moments. Like this passing of the crepe. #lensculturestreets

A real stroke of luck getting anyone alone in this space let alone the time of day and the fact it's a small child who's parents seem to be fed up that she was walking so slowly 😂 #lensculturestreets #x100f

Quite a long session today. I usually don't spend so little my walking in cambridge, I reserve the energy for London but the x100f had me wanting to put it through its paces. Lots to edit now. But first s good sit down. #x100f #lensculturestreets

3/3 #x100f

Kankles for days. 2/3 #lensculturestreets

Going to make today into a mini series. 3 shots with very similar compositions shot in totally different ways and on 2 focal lengths. 1/3 xpro2/56mm #lensculturestreets

The first of the shots from the x100f, had it in my hands less than ten minutes before I took this. The layout matching the xpro2 really does make it a perfect companion. #lensculturestreets

Last few shots in my drafts to go before I start posting from the x100f. So far I'm really enjoying it, just need to get hold of the tcl (if anyone has one going let me know ) 👌🏻 #lensculturestreets

Really enjoyed the x100f today. The brief bit of shooting I got to do with it. Duel wielding focal lengths from now on is really going to mix up my feed. A bit of my old style with the new eye. For now here's one from a couple days ago. #lensculturestreets #umbrellaplanet

Watching the x100f tracking as it gets ever closer 😁 once I have some time to shoot with it I'll give my thoughts, for now. Here's an umbrella. #lensculturestreets

The penultimate shot from the torrential rain recently ( I have more rain shots but from a less rainy day) #lensculturestreets

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