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Give God from your best, and trust him with the rest. >> @fiveoakschurch

Often during my morning time I’ll take my sermon notes and rewrite them in a journal of mine. It’s a way to rethink and work through a truth that has already been presented. It slows down my brain to help me really process through.⠀

Today I was challenged by if I am truly trusting God with all my life. I’m a definite Type A. I have it all figured out. I have plans, an agenda. But have my plans and agenda left out my reliance and trust on God’s will?⠀

I have spiritual disciples in my life to help keep my focused on Him and His kingdom. But there is a difference in focus and trust.⠀

Trust is out of my control. I don’t like that. ⠀

But I’ve realized and am working on, when I let go of my control and let God control, things can be an infinite amount of crazy awesome. They can also be hard... but the hard usually comes with a deeper understanding of his pure love and grace. And isn’t that the same thing as crazy awesome?⠀

You can see some of my sermon notes in my stories. My thoughts above are part of a rabbit trail of inner workings of my brain, and not directly correlated with the sermon. But that’s the beauty of sitting with God, His Word, coffee and silence. He leads our minds to wonder directly where they need to go for spiritual growth.⠀

Today it was trust.⠀

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Just as the Son came to us as grace and truth so we should be to others.⠀

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And as the word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only son from the father, full of grace and truth. - John 1:14

I find this photo ah-mazingly awesome but i have no idea what to caption it with... ⠀

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The Apostle Paul finishes his letter to his faithful Church in Philippi with a final exhortation. He’s urging the Philippians to fix their mind on the Lord. For when we focus and fill our mind on higher things or Heavenly things we are not easily distracted with the little troubles in life. ⠀

And when those troubles come, we are not to be anxious. To not be anxious is a command, not an option. We are to share our hearts with God. We are to pray about it all. Nothing is off limits. ⠀

God wants our prayers. He desires communication with us. Even our petitions and supplications or simply said our requests or when we directly ask God to do something for us. But let us not forget the command to do all with thanksgiving. To do so with a thankful heart... no whining or complaining.⠀

God is waiting for us to enter into a relationship with him. Waiting for us to draw upon his name. He wants to know what we need. Yes he may already know, but he wants our participation. Things change in us when we spiritually and physically go to God with everything. Those big troubles become but little and the little fall by the wayside. ⠀

Our prayer as you wear this tee is that you are reminded to bring all you need to God and when you do you feel a peace fall upon you that surpasses all understanding. For he is a great big Mighty God who cares over our every need. ⠀

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With HIM >> You CAN⠀

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. - Philippians 4:13⠀

#yesyoucan #Hisstrength

Be Still and Know.⠀
Too often we stop there in this verse. But I often find the next part is the most powerful part. ⠀

We need to be still, to acknowledge and rest in the knowing that one day, yes one day, God, our Heavenly Father will be honored throughout every nation. Every pagan, every aethiest, every evil dictator, mass murderer, every terrorist, simply every person in each corner of the world will know and honor our God. ⠀

I can rest assured knowing that I serve the most powerful being in this universe. The same vast universe He created.⠀



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Life brings us highs and lows, good and bad, times of plenty and times of little. The apostle Paul encourages us in this verse to see life from an eternal viewpoint. To see God in all things. To find contentment in all circumstances. We can achieve contentment by relying on Christ alone and his power. For we can do all things, come through any struggle, enjoy any blessing because God alone is where we have put our trust. He alone is where we draw our strength.⠀

Wear this tank as a reminder to feel his power and draw upon his strength as you go through life.⠀

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. ⠀

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Sojourner: (v) to live temporarily. ⠀
We are but sojourners on this earth. For this world is not our home. Our citizenship is up in Heaven. ⠀

When we begin to realize that we are just passing through this world, leaving a mark, living for Him, fulfilling His calling, our focus begins to shift. Our true purpose begins to become real. He is our goal. He is our Home.⠀

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So often we show love just through our words. But it's our actions that have the most power. ⠀

Think about it. ⠀

When you are going through something hard, what touches you deeper? A friend who says she's thinking about you and asks if she can help. Or a friend who shows up with flowers and a coffee, or a meal. ⠀

Even if they don't say a word, that friend who showed loved through action, usually has the deepest impact. ⠀

I remember during a particularly busy time - new kid, husband traveling, new company, and just chaos, I was telling a friend I didn't know how I was going to get all my yard work done before the snow fall. Doesn't seem like a big issue but in the moment of struggle it was. Then one day I come home to see that friend and her children blowing leaves out of my rock and raking them all up. I'll never forget that simple, self-less act of love. ⠀

Or the time I had sickness in my house for weeks on end and a friend dropped off a starbucks and soup and left! It's these moments that can make icky days, add a glimmer of light.⠀

I'm so very blessed to be loved by many and so thankful for those moments above. Can you imagine what love in action would feel like for those who don't know what it feels like to be loved? Or to those who don't know the love of our Savior?⠀

We pray that as Christians, we can be those moments of love. That we are more than just words. That we are people of action. Ready to love this world. Whether a friend, family, neighbor or stranger. There is a reason that we often hear, Actions speak louder than words... because they truly do.⠀

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Rise up • awaken
Live for the Lord. Better yet, be on fire for Him.
How we live our lives and who we live for has greater impact than we will ever realize on those who don’t know Jesus.

Be love, be grace, be the good.


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