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A recipe has no soul. You "as the cook" must bring soul to the recipe🔪 #chef #liketoplaywithfire

Meet my buddy "Monster" #monster #bomm

Grandmother just turned 90 years old and she is still healthy and looking beautiful! Forever Queen👑 #livelongandkeepstrong

Loads of honor to be your Best Man! Thanks for this beautiful gift Chung You know me too well haha
I promise we will ROCK and SHINE at your BIG Day 💎✨👌 #bestman #intercontinentalhotel #jackdaniels

Runnin' day👟 #pharcyde #nike

Answer *= here🎵

Homegirl4life😇 #soulmates

At the safari desert with the most funniest & craziest peeps🔮⚠🔝

Keep following the lights💡 of the end of the tunnel🔑

Its a honor that I can share this apron with @shuichan Believe me she can cook🔪✨ @cravingswithshui #theyhateuscuztheyaintus