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Six Dutchess Farm  We are a small-batch production & education farm in New York's Hudson Valley | Beekeepers | Bakers | Hand Crafters | Building Community in Nature 🌾

Don’t touch the red currant cakes until they’ve cooled! 😂 holding back on the sweets this summer but just HAD to make one round of these Danish almond, marzipan & berry cakes. #nordic #baking #redcurrant #cakes #sixdutchessfarm

Good morning! Couldn’t resist sneaking in one more red currant photo. You can probably tell, it’s one of our summer favorites. Such beauties! This is one of the very last baskets picked this week in the early morning hours. And now it’s on to the black currants, rich and deep and ready for harvest! #summerharvest #berrylove #redcurrants #sixdutchessfarm

I looked up, and there it was, feeding on the nectar of the blackberry flowers. #monarchbutterfly #blackberries #july #sixdutchessfarm

Almost as tall as me! #hydrangeas #summertime #sixdutchessfarm

What a treat this morning, experiencing the intoxicating world of Hudson Valley fermentation with @jorijayne. Couldn’t think of a better person to teach us about vinegar methods + whole utilization for the farm and kitchen. We made carrot scrap vinegar with carrot tops and peels and a second-step blossom vinegar with gorgeous edible flowers from the garden. And we also watched Jori make a Bourbon Vinegar with sour cherry pits and a sinfully aromatic and decadent brown butter fat washed vinegar. Yes, you read that right. And, best of all, we finally found a good use for corked wine! If you have the chance to take one of Jori’s upcoming fermentation workshops in Hudson, NY, don’t miss it! And stay for a fabulous dinner at @fishgamehudson and experience Jori’s fermentation magic at work. #ladyjaynesalchemy #nativefermentation #wholeutilization #vinegars #nowaste #fishandgamehudson

Five years trying, and, finally, just like that, we got a blueberry harvest! Five different varieties, from tart to tangy to sweet to mellow, and definitely worth the wait! 💙#blueberries #summerharvest #july #worththewait #sixdutchessfarm

Just in case you’re wondering, this is how a Canadian Goose looks when he’s trying to stay awake during flight training. 😂😴 We’ve all been there! Thanks @besterlanda for the telescope spying! #canadiangeese #naptime #socute #sixdutchessfarm

Bulking up for their migratory flight and pooping ever so gracefully! This family is getting ready for takeoff soon and they’ve grown quite accustomed to foraging alongside our front porch. 😘#canadiangeese #dailywanderings #sixdutchessfarm

Can’t resist one more pancake photo... BECAUSE THEY’RE VEGAN! this week has been a pretty rough one at the farm, non-stop harvest, planting and preparations for the sheep and battling at the same time with flagging energy levels and fatigue. In the throes of a crazy workweek, it’s important to remind ourselves to eat well and feed ourselves with the right kinds of food. We’ve started to make some changes and hold back on sugars, sweets, starchy breads, and dairy for now and give our bodies a change of pace while still honoring the traditions of farmhouse cooking. And that leads us to this...Sunday morning vegan pancakes from Power Plates by @thefullhelping. We held off on the white flour, eggs and buttermilk for this one and used buckwheat flour, oat flour, ground flaxseed, hazelnut milk, oil and apple cider vinegar instead, and loaded them up with freshly-harvested blueberries, strawberries and red currants from the farm...and we also held off on that extra pour of maple syrup for now. Delicious, I must say, and feeling energized and ready to go back out now and harvest! #powerplates #vegan #pancakes #sundaybrunch #sixdutchessfarm

Rainbow chard, showing off its colors. #summerharvest #rainbowchard #sixdutchessfarm

As beekeepers, we aim to please the bees, in the apiary and in the garden 🐝 bee balm and echinacea for the asking. Plant a bee-friendly garden, folks! Your neighborhood pollinators will thank you, and you will thank them in return. #beefood #pollinators #beebalm #echinacea #savethebees #sixdutchessfarm

Beet transitions—from field to plate, bulb and greens. #beets #onthetable #eatyourgreens #farmhousecooking #sixdutchessfarm

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