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Six Dutchess Farm  We are a small-batch production & education farm in New York's Hudson Valley | Beekeepers | Bakers | Hand Crafters | Building Community in Nature 🌾

Wait, how did this happen?! When I sat down 3 hours ago with back to the window it was sunny and warm! #snowday #february #crazyweather #readyforspring #centralpark #newyork #nyc

Perfect way to spend a Saturday morning. Waiting for the Volunteer Fair to begin and gearing up to make this year count in infinite ways! 💕 #thewing #flatiron #community #makeitcount #weekends #beautifulspaces #nyc #nyclife

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year of the Earth Dog! A year of integrity, honesty, loyalty, intelligence, purpose and good causes. #LunarNewYear #HappyNewYear #ChineseNewYear #YearoftheDog #Blessings #Offerings #YuenLongTemple #HongKong

I love that you can pop into your awesome neighborhood yarn shop @knittycity and they’ll help you fix your missed stitches on the spot! And, if you pick a good random day to visit, you might even run into @bricewonders from Spinaway Farm in Chester County, PA, and run your fingers through (permission granted, I promise!) his awe-inspiring, handcrafted super-soft and chunky Angora scarf. 🐰 #knittyCity #SpinawayFarm #angora #angorarabbit #handspun #farmyarn #naturalfibers #naturenurtures

Hazel Revisited — a little over a year ago we began a pretty extraordinary journey into the world of natural fibers at the @fibercraftstudio in Chestnut Ridge. For those of you who were with us on our IG feed last January, you may remember a Jacob sheep named Hazel from @jennyjumpfarm and her gorgeous raw wool fleece laid out on the floor of the Fiber Craft Studio. Our fingers learned to feel all the different textures of a freshly-shorn wool fleece as our noses filled with the smell of its restorative lanolin. Over the year, our spinning circle moved through the steps of washing, carding, hand spinning and natural dyeing before reaching knitting. We were two of the few who had no prior knitting experience and weren’t quite ready to cast on and create something special by the year’s end, so Hazel’s beautifully textured fiber had to wait a little longer to see the light of day. My better half has since followed the path of weaving and I starting learning the basic knit and purl stitches using some practice fiber until the time was finally right. And last night, it was. Hazel re-emerged — her fleece had been carefully guarded in my canvass box of treasures, bundled into skeins of neatly-packed hand-spun yarn. Yes, it was time. I parked myself down at @purlsoho, and with some gentle guidance, I began to knit a simple scarf. I know this one won’t be perfectly soft or elegant or consistently stitched, but I guess that’s not really the point, is it? In every stitch, I feel a little bit of Hazel and the amazing gifts of her fleece, from finely spun patches to chunky bundles, the amazing gifts from nature, and our amazing ability to use our hands to connect and create things that bring comfort. The wool’s character is completely leading the way, and I salute that lovely ewe still happily, and hopefully, grazing away. #knitting #purlsoho #fibercraftstudio #sheeptoshawl #handspun #wool #yarn #naturalfibers #naturenurtures

I think I’ve found my NYC knitting paradise! @purlsoho #handcraft #inspiration #yarn #naturalfibers #nyc #soho

A girl can dream, can’t she? I’ve always dreamed of planting massive citrus groves with rows and rows of luscious sweet oranges. Sadly, we don’t have the right climate here in the Hudson Valley for citrus, but, hey, look what we grew in our greenhouse! We’re picking our first handful of tangelos and oranges from our small, but proud, potted citrus trees. 💪🏻🍊#farmlife #dreaming #february #citrus #oranges #hudsonvalley #sixdutchessfarm

To share or not to share? The eternal question. 😋😉 #florabarnyc #sogood #metbreuer #dumplings #radicchio #foodandwine #nyceats #nyc

How to navigate a wine list like a pro and with a real pro @jordansalcito at @the.wing last night — wow, this Wing woman really knows her stuff! Best wine talk in ages, without all the fuss. We travelled through six of the great wine regions and terroirs of the world and talked about the glorious grape and the natural elements that influence taste and quality, including climate, topography and soil composition, from clay to granite to limestone and on. And, yes, we tasted, too! A perfect mix of excellent affordable wines that don’t break the bank but definitely please the palate. Somehow, I think we’ll be heading back to the farm a few bottles heavier.🍷🍾 #thewing #winetasting #wine #nycdrinks #flatiron #nyc #nyclife

Best office view around! Not a bad way to catch up on Monday paperwork. #february #farmlife #frommywindow #sixdutchessfarm

It was wonderful to see so many local beekeepers come out on a cold, snowy Super Bowl Sunday for the first meeting of the Dutchess County Beekeepers Club. Too cold to open up the hives, but a perfect day to get to know each other and talk about our experiences and challenges as beekeepers, whether newbie or advanced. Community is such an important part of the learning process, sharing what we learn from the colonies we care for and giving each other support as we carry on the ancient tradition of nurturing honeybee colonies. We’re looking forward to seeing this community thrive and grow and doing our very best to keep honeybees and other pollinators safe and healthy. Gratitude to all who came. 🙏🏻🐝 #community #beekeeping #beethecure #savethebees #dutchesscounty #beekeepers #hudsonvalley #farmlife #dutchesscountrybeekeepersclub

Woke up this morning to a fresh blanket of winter snow covering the farm, but that’s not going to stop our first meeting of the Dutchess County Beekeepers’ Club on Sunday! By early afternoon, we had a pathway cleared to the hives, and we’re as ready to go as the Super Bowl. 🐝🏈💪🏻Can you spot two of our hives hiding in the corner frame?#dutchesscountybeekeepersclub #hudsonvalley #sixdutchessfarm #beekeeping #backyardbeekeeping #february #farmlife #winterwalk

When you realize @russanddaughters is on the same block as your doctor...😜 happy days. #russanddaughters #teatime #gravlox #teasandwiches #foodandwine #nyceats #nyc

From friends and neighbors who cook and inspire 😍 — lunch Bengali-style with delicious spicy Pomfret fish, stewed okra and beans, vegetable curry, lentils in yogurt, rice and flatbreads, and so much more. #weekends #lunchtime #gatherings #eattheworld #dutchesscounty

The sound of water flowing is one of the best and most beautiful sounds we can hear on the farm. For most of the late summer and early fall, our stream was bone dry and silent and the natural landscape was parched and thirsty. Now, after all the winter snowfall and melted ice, the water is flowing freely again and the stream and pond are full of life and motion. 💦 #farmlife #motherearth #waterflow #stream #hudsonvalley #sixdutchessfarm

Oh, the things that find their way into our country kitchen! Getting ready for a Rumtopf experiment in 2018 thanks to @saveurmag.🧐 #vintage #rumtopf #german #pottery #eattheworld #preserving #boozy #fruit #farmlife #countryliving #sixdutchessfarm

Got to meet an American Legend tonight, the great Dan Rather, and hear his soothing words and wisdom on what unites us as Americans. Even in these difficult times, he reminded us that there are many more things that unite us than divide us. At 86 years old, he sure can hold a room (though we were’t allowed to take pictures of him in it); he’s sharp as a whip, a true witness to history, and full of insight, compassion, and grounded optimism. If you haven’t had a chance to read his book, What Unites Us: Reflections on Patriotism, I highly recommend it. It’s a beautiful salve and a hopeful offering for our times. #danrather #whatunitesus #americanlegends #92ndstreety #nyc

Closed out the annual @nofanewyork Organic Farming & Gardening Conference yesterday with a fabulous workshop called Healthy Bee, Healthy Me, by the good folks, Megan and Jorik, at #HudsonValleyBeeSupply in Kingston, NY. We’ve learned tons from Megan and Jorik over the past few years. They’ve inspired so many beekeepers in our region of the Hudson Valley and given precious, year-round advice on how to keep healthy colonies and become better beekeepers. Hint: it’s a work in progress, a good beekeeper never stops learning and never stops observing. And for our part, we’re sprinkling some of that energy on Dutchess County and starting the Dutchess County Beekeepers Club this year. It’s an open forum for all levels of beekeepers—from beginners to advanced—to come meet other local beekeepers, share experiences and learn some new things, too. We’re holding our first meeting, a Winter Meet & Greet, on Sunday Feb 4, 2-4 pm, at our farm @sixdutchessfarm. All levels welcome. Honey treats and a walk to the hives, weather permitting. Come join us and spread the word. 🐝 #dutchesscountybeekeepingclub #beekeeping #backyardbeekeeping #savethebees #dutchesscounty #hudsonvalley #sixdutchessfarm

An inspiring morning on the last day of the @nofanewyork 2018 winter conference. Two workshops to wrap up Day 3, and this one by Laura Sansone of the @nytextilelab couldn’t have been better. Developing a NY Textile Supply Chain—going local by rebuilding regional supply chains and going to the source by connecting New York textile designers with local farms producing natural fibers. Sustainable, quality-based, environmentally-friendly, informed and 100% New York State. As a small farm, it brings us tremendous hope and satisfaction to see the circle of local textile supply chains re-emerging and opportunities for NY farmers, mills, dyers, designers and consumers to connect directly in a local economy. We also looked at some of the beautiful yarns and textile samples, wool and alpaca blends, produced by the Textile Lab in collaboration with regional farms and mills, and their New York State Regional Yarn Sourcebook, a meticulously researched guide showcasing fibers produced by New York State fiber farmers and mills. #nofanyconf #nofany #textilelab #localtextiles #regionalwool #yarn #sustainable #smalleconomies #fiberarts #newyorkstate #smallfarms

Exploring taste and textures from our afternoon bake — @breadalonebakery’s @sharonburnsleader baking Lefort Levain boule with local high extract wheat flour, einkorn and rye; a 100% Einkorn sourdough loaf with sprouted einkorn, cracked toasted einkorn and cooked einkorn berries (top); and a Nordic-style 100% rye sourdough loaf (bottom) with toasted pepito and sunflower seeds, toasted cracked rye, sprouted rye berries, cooked rye berries and soaked liquified old rye dough. Dipping into some ancient grains and old European techniques today with New York grown and milled grains from @wildhivefarm and really loving the results! 🙌🏻🤩
#nofanyconf #organic #localgrains #breadbaking #breadalone #wildhivefarm #sourdough #artisanbread #rye #einkorn #madefromscratch #nordic #rugbrød

It was a real treat to spend our afternoon at the annual @nofanewyork winter conference with artisan baker extraordinaire @sharonburnsleader of @breadalonebakery. Not only is she co-owner and baker of this legendary New York bakery, but she’s been such a guiding force in the American artisan bread baking movement and the local organic grains movement. She’s a tremendous inspiration and a wonderful teacher, sharing years of experience in the simplest of ways. Sharon guided us though an afternoon of sourdough bread baking with local New York grains, from 100% Nordic-style rye to 100% Einkorn with an Einkorn starter and a very special Lefort Levain boule with locally grown and milled flour from @wildhivefarm. Here she shows us how she handles the delicate wet rye dough before final proofing and baking. #nofanyconf #masterbaker #breadalone #wildhivefarm #organic #sourdough #artisanbread #breadbaking #nordic #rugbrød

I think I’ve got this lovely view memorized by now. 😍 #saratogasprings #newyork #favoriteplaces #quaint #cozy #wintertime #nofany

Another year, another amazing @nofanewyork winter conference! So much to discover and share. 🐏🐄🐓🦃🦆🌳🌻💪🏻🥕🍎🍏🍞 #nofa #nofany #january #organicfarming #organiclife #sustainable #farmlife #growyourown #saratogasprings #newyork

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