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Just like on @sydney.lange ‘s 3 recents!! Comment your favorite subject when done!!

Hey guys so as you know school started today for me and I honestly just got on my phone today and it’s 8 pm. Our school has become the strictest school now where we absolutely can’t have phones and instead we have chrome books but we can’t do anything with them unless schoolwork. Plus, I’m very committed to dance and it’s about to get rough. I will try to be as active as I can and I will have someone help me keep my followers since insta is removing people again. I promise I will be on at least once a day but it’s really hard when your life is completely taken now and I don’t even have time to say hi to my Internet friends so that’s what I have to say for now.
If you read to the bottom of this please comment “❤️” or you can comment something nice like I understand so I know that you actually read this haha.
Love you guys ~ Sydney

What will Jojo buy for you? 💸
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Which house do you prefer? 🏡
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Which kitten would you pick? 🐱
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Which one would you wear? 👁
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Which flower would you grow? 🌻
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Which ice cream would you eat? 🍦
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Which hairstyle would you wear? 💘
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Where would you travel to? ✈️
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Jojo!!! You're 15 omg!! I love this edit sooo much I think it’s one of my favorites!! This edit took forever so I hope you see this Jojo! I'm so happy that my summer started and I have a lot planned so I might not be super active, but I still will be more active than I was with school. Also, thank you for supporting us Jojo, you've made both a huge impact on our lives and we want you just to be happy by looking at this edit because we spend about a month on these edits!! You've grown so much since you were a little bean and now you’ll be able to get your permit very soon! We all are so proud of all that you have done and we can't wait for more. 🎀💚
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QOTP: Write a birthday paragraph for Jojo so she might see them and like some of yours. Don't forget to tag Jojo.
AOTP: Mine's up there hahaha.

Which slime would you pick? 😫
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