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Rita Z  🇨🇳🇨🇦 📽+📖+🎼+🍺🍷🍸🍾🍶🍹🍻

When I think happiness
I think that little black dress
Think of my head on your chest
生日愿望是希望能遇到一个比你更高 更帅 更喜欢我的人

@0_012300 你在遥远的瑞典今天吃了什么?🤔😬


September saw a month of tears
I still miss you

四天没喝酒 两天没出门 看了三本书

Ito Junji art exhibition #伊藤潤二

What a game!!
Thought it was going to be one of those play-for-show games since hockey isn't very big here, but damn both teams actually made it to the shootout! Saw so many jerseys felt like I'm back in Canada lol.
PS:Alexander Edler is so hot!!😍😍#nhlchinagames

He likes me, I know he likes me. Of course I flatter him dreadfully. I find a strange pleasure in saying things to him that I know I shall be sorry for having said. As a rule, he is charming to me, and we sit in the studio and talk of a thousand things. Now and then, however, he is horribly thoughtless, and seems to take a real delight in giving me pain. Then I feel, that I have given away my soul to some one who treats it as if it were a flower to put in his coat, a bit of decoration to charm his vanity, an ornament for a summer's day.


這結果 多少讓我難過 最後覆蓋過去的代價太重 不是因為失去你代價太重 而是失去了愛情是否還存在的信念 如果得到和失去的厚重感是一樣 嚴重的失去中 只能說明 當初你給我的美好有多重


Hiroshima mon amour🖤

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