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Taking a break from my beloved #HIIT this week in exchange for more yoga & more #barre 👯 come on Michigan, us mermaids need warm weather. ☀️🦋🌸🌊 @abovethebarrex #barresohard @soojint

Keep close to nature's heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean. — #JohnMuir 🌲

duex. ✌🏽 #rinselatherrepeat happy spring equinox yogis. lots of yummy twists & folds to ring out what drains, holds, binds us to make space for the courage to take the next leap. #trust #yogawithsb

When we find ourselves crippled in the heat of an argument, tossing daggers left and right, are we conscious to what stirred that to the surface? Could this perceived dagger earnestly be a dosage of truth that is perhaps too hard to swallow so we instead project it on to another? Those who walk blindly through life will be held captive by their senses; they will always be going to battle with their thoughts. Rather than swallowing the pill, they play their cards rendering them comfortable. They are held captive by their mind. Jumping from thought to thought like an addiction; incessantly, distracting themselves out some some frail fear that they’ll be swallowed whole from this void. Growth is uncomfortable and in order to truly grow would entail swallowing that pill and leaping into that void. Can we remember that void is indeed ours? Perhaps we are the one’s standing in our own way? They say that the universe will keep slinging the same course of action until we’ve resolved the lesson held within. We must eradicate our ignorance in order to churn knowledge into wisdom. Strip down the guise of “I already know it all” in order to see with awareness and clarity. The practice of yoga beckons us to do this. It urges us to grow familiar with our own limitations keeping in mind they are not set it stone. It is our mind that sets ideas in stone, wrongly confusing ideas with false truths. If you believe it so then it will be so. Our hearts hold no bias and know better. If we live by this rule perhaps with practice, when we find ourselves held in the thick of it, instead of going to battle we could just soften. Are we just appeasing ourselves with some kind of flirtation with the idea of waking up? Or are we ready to step forward in pursuit of what is bigger than us and break through this vicious cycle? Allow the mind and the heart to meet in the middle. Invite your authentic voice out. #sbramblings #stripitdown #andbeginagain

Clearly, if you've been following my #instastories you guys know I'm OBSESSED with this #australian company @tropeaka 🌟 if you're looking for a plant 🌱 based protein powder or #highvibin #superfoods to throw into your smoothies, bakes or meals, definitely check them out. 👁 #highvibineats

When you #barresohard you just have to laugh at how much pain you're in. 👯😂 #ilovewednesdays

missin' these epic sunsets 🌅 grateful for the opportunity to do it all again when #citizentakesnicaragua 🌊 I'm ready for warm weather and sunshine ☀️ #summerdaze beats by my main squeeze @talamukti 🎶

the SIMPLEST stuffed sweet potato recipe is now LIVE on the blog 👉🏽 🥔✨ #highvibineats

Sometimes shifting our perspective will evoke the greatest smile. #🙃 #yogawithsb

“But, baby, it’s okay if you have a black hole instead of a heart. It means you hold galaxies within.” — SophiaCarey 🌟 happy #friyay flowers. 🌻 #openyrheart #yogawithsb #teeki

Contemplating this wind and her sheer ferocity.. I think I've seen more trees toppled over than I can count on my fingers. #pureshakti 🌬 wishing y'all a wonderfully supportive, integrative and inspiring #internationalwomensday 👭 may we continue to lift one another up. ☀️

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