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Sitara Hewitt💫  Mommy | meditation coach | actress | healthy good vibes 🌒🌕🌘ℬℰ ℒᎾᏉℰ. New Vid: ‘Clear Negativity & Uplift Yourself’ ↙️


We dem girls💥💞
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Why would I grow up that would be dumb 😃💞


🌞Enjoy the good; get tougher during the bad. I used to try the opposite but it never worked well for me. 💫Staying optimist and strong even when shit is all melting down around me is hard. But I decided a couple of years ago that I was a warrior, not a victim. ⚔️So if things fall apart, I remind myself that life has its challenges, and Warriors love surmounting challenges. 💥Then I make sure I put my sword up and go jump in a lake n tan whenever things are good again! 👙💞

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Yesterday I was clever, so I tried to change the world. Today I am wise, so I’m changing myself. ~Rumi

‘Fuck Netflix & chill; meet me out under the stars for some whiskey and late night adventure.’ • quote by my amazing friend @barefootfive

💯 agree!! ♥️✨.

💞You know...there’s always this field of pure, peace consciousness that’s available to us. We leave doesn’t leave us. 🌟When I’m stressing or spinning worry thoughts, I remind myself to breathe and tap into it. 💫Solutions exist there. Positive perspectives. Relief. It goes by many names; The Universe, God, Source, Higher Self...whatever it is for you. ✨Go to it, stay with it, and let it guide you to a better feeling moment and then life. .
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Always say yes to new adventures 🤙🏽

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💫I’ve often found it hard to define a professional identity. While I feel comfortable in my own skin, it’s rarely easy to categorize myself.
As an actress I’m too hippie dippy; i wear crystals to protect my energy & I want to be naked in a hot spring as soon as they yell cut ha.
As a loving, spiritual person I feel like I’m the one who cares too much about looking hot.
As a meditation coach i love helping people tap into their highest selves...i also enjoy celebrating my sensuality so can people look beyond my sexy clothes?
So I’ve just decided to say fuck it, this is me. I’m a creative, earthy, spiritual, bougie, healer who spends most of her time being a mommy. And I’m always changing as i grow, i hope! If any of you find yourselves unsuccessfully trying to fit a mold, maybe say fuck it too and show us how varied & epic humans can be! 💠
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I only love my bed and my son I’m sorry. 💞

✨The Lion’s Gate Portal opens today; 8/8/18 ...which means it’s a powerful day to manifest some epic shit! 8 being the number of infinity, and the Lion’s Gate unique celestial energy means you have major support for whatever you want to create. Some ideas: 🤔😇
✨ take a moment for yourself today, breathe & meditate to refocus on your highest path.
✨release what no longer serves you by breathing deeply and deciding you’re free. Imagine a ray of light purifying & healing you, if you like.
✨ your intentions are powerful: make time to write down what you’re ready to create/ receive.
✨ send thoughts of gratitude & love out, and send healing to areas of the world or life you’d like to see improve, rather than just complaining or stressing.
✨ it’s fun!

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🙏🏽💠 I often find that just taking a moment alone, to breathe deeply and simply say ‘thank you’ meditation enough. I let myself witness life for a moment, taking a step back into the bigger picture. It refuels and calms me for busier times. ☺️💞

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