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Sitara Hewitt💫  Mommy | meditation coach | actress 🌒🌕🌘ℬℰ ℒᎾᏉℰ.

7 Steps to Happiness ☺️

Tap into some silky, high-joy vibes today. 🐆🌞🌱💦✨🔮

Found this fun #tbt. Mag story from about 7 yrs ago when I was a new mommy and lead on a Canadian sit-com called Little Mosque on the Prairie. 😌

This is what our Typical lunch meeting looks like.😄. Well not the whole meeting but @ra_of_earth and i both like to bless, thank and sync up our foods with our bodies first🌱🌞. I’m grateful that I collaborate & create with people who are fun, wise, talented and kinda weird like me☺️.

💗Whenever i can, i choose a gratitude perspective. It’s amazing...the situation is the same but when I look at what I’m grateful for, what’s working in my life, my mood changes and then the events start to miraculously get better too. Believe that what can go right, will...and know that you are loved💞

Super lit. 🔥Always prioritizing that vibe. I love Palo Santo for getting me grounded and peaceful in the space. What’s your little feel good ritual?

Guys! Life is just a giant mirror. Looking outside of ourselves can’t bring happiness. We get it twisted sometimes, but it’s easy to flip the switch. Decide on your state of being, success and happiness, then watch life mirror it back to you. ✨When your Good comes from within can never be taken.☺️💞

I get to be his mom😍

came thru drippin’ 💧💎

📚🐛What book are you reading these days? I’m into ‘The Seven Spiritual Secrets of Success’ by Deepak Chopra. Give me some more ideas! ☺️

💦 I speak my gratitudes. I think them. And I feel them. I found my life changed when I started being ‘disciplined’ about staying grateful. I used to be a stress-case lol, now I’m much less of one. 🌤When i choose to focus on what’s good, rather than what’s bad, i instantly feel better....and gradually life has given me more and more to feel grateful for. 💫I know it’s hard sometimes. Life can deal out challenges. But you and i are stronger than them. Refuse to go down the black hole of complaining & worrying. 🕳❌Catch yourself when you do, and redirect. Find your strength, find what you’re grateful for, and keep moving towards your dreams & desires!☀️

💭💞🍍. After a week of eating fresh fruits & veggies and superfoods, drinking spring water, getting my body all delicious & nourished by sea water and sun, spending time with kind hearted, fun friends...I feel healthy, tapped in and energized! 🌊💦🌺🍋🍉It’s amazing how much we need simple nature...and how profoundly it heals us, mind, body, soul y’all. And playing with good friends is the best!! I plan on connecting with both these things every day even in small doses, back here in the concrete jungle ;). @jenjubilee Aloha ☺️🙏🏽💞✨

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