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I just posted smthng.

I know I already posted today and I’m sorry that this is not one of my best edits but I literally love this man so much and what just happened is sad af. Rip X, you’ll be missed to a lot of people.
If you dare commenting hate you’ll be blocked. I don’t agree with things he did in the past, but he is still human and he was trying to make himself a better person and spread positivity. I’ll always love and care for him.
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Issa whole highway 🤪
Any hate comment toward this edit, ksi or even Logan will be deleted so don’t even try :)
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Baddie 💖

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Bye shishtar 🤷🏼‍♀️
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[this is a joke btw I love them both and I also love their friendship 😤💞💕💓💖💗💘]

Happy birthday Alissa, ilysm, hope you always stay smiling and happy because that’s what you deserve 💓
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