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#PureWater  The African Mermaid🐬 | Creative Director @deborahvanessaclothing👘 | a Star with Royal and vampire roots🇷🇴 | Gh Jollof🇬🇭 | environmentalist🐬🌸♻️

When 2 babes want to be drunk like #PureWater by 1 bae 🤣🤣🤣 #PureWaterChallenge
Tag the babes if you rec them!
Audio link in bio 💦💦💦

While I'm grateful for my life I find myself sad at the awful things happening in our world; refugee children being separated from their refugee parents at the U.S. border, religious wars killing people, climate change, global warming, environmental pollution, innocent black youth being killed by police in the US, the sick or injured being turned away from hospitals in Ghana with the excuse of no beds to accommodate them, corruption, human rights being shitted on... excuse my French. It just shows that sadly, the battle between good and evil is forever?!

When you are being offered a rubber bag for your purchase, ask yourself if it is truly necessary. Let's all try in our own small way to refuse, reuse and recycle; reuse to hold your borla for example...
Most plastic bags (rubber bags) end up in landfills where they take over 400 years to decompose. Others end up in our waterways, beaches and streets and if they are burned, infuse the air with toxic fumes.
We did perfectly fine without them years ago and I believe we need to choose safety over convenience and develop the habit of keeping a reusable bag handy for our shopping. #beatplasticpollution #banplasticbags #banplasticgh #planetorplastic #passonplastic #refusereuserecycle 🌍🐬♻️

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Tuesday meetings: ❤️💋
Earrings: @affordables__
Dress: @charlotteprive
Bag: @affordables__
Mules: @charlotteprive

Lovely plastic soup at Circle last night. Dinner leftovers anyone?
@bigcymps and I filmed this on our way home @ 11pm between Circle and Bus Stop in Accra.
#June18th2018 #Floods #PlasticPollution #EnvironmentalPollution #PoorDrainageSystems #BeatPlasticPollution #BanPlastic #BanPlasticNow

Oh it's just Sister Derby and her fellow cute and mad talented creative pal @papaoppong glowing inna Accra Ghani 😜💋 #creatives

Two of the most important reasons why I love @fitwitandistudio @fitwitandistudio
1. You have your privacy
2. There are mirrors 'all over the place'!
In fact 3 reasons!
3. Speakers for your music!!!
Choreographer: @worldbestafrodancer
My outfit: @girlplaystore
Studio @fitwitandistudio
Song: #PureWater

Happy Sunday!
Today's sermon is: God is LOVE
#BeatPlasticPollution #LoveWins

Tell a Sister Derby hater to watch @celebrityfanzonegh on @ghonetv tonight and become a Sister Derby lover 😍
9pm sharpingo!

Murder is a sin
We say gay is a sin
But we wan murder gays
Fok outta here Amoaning 🌈
🕶: @affordables__ 📷: @wanlov

Dear Dolphins, this is how I combat #singleuseplastic in my own small way. I refuse rubber as much as I can and thanks to my @onebagafrica it makes it easier for me. You guys will get your bags soon too and can flex like me. It can be rolled into a little ball and clipped unto your key holder when not in use. #BeatPlasticPollution #RefuseReuseRecycle #PlanetorPlastic #RefuseRubber #RefusePlastic @ecoschools_gh @environment360 @skyoceanrescue @plasticfreegreece 🌍🐬♻️

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