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People & Earth Steward  🌏Eco-Leadership Mentor 🔥Earth Dancer 🎶Song Weaver 🤝Community Organizer 🙏Soul Guide 🦌 walking the beauty way Programs for purpose driven humans:

As a girl boss, entrepreneur, devoted to living a life of balance and making choices that nourish my soul and prosperity, I need community. I need to be surrounded by people who have that same intention, people who understand the challenges and want to look deeper into "the work" behind their work. People who can be reflections and mirrors for me to be the best humble leader that I can be. I need to be surrounded by those who are in a place of coming into the actualization of their gifts.
Inherently, I feel that a lot of times our gift to the world is also what we most need. I feel like one of my gifts to the world is creating community as a container for empowerment and soul-purpose exploration.
And, every month, this need is met through The Changemakers Collaborative, an ONLINE mastermind group that Bryan and I created to fulfill this purpose. Every call is energizing, uplifting and helps me to stay focused on my path of service and leadership. .
We're looking to expand this collaborative to others who feel like they could benefit from this kind of community and system of accountability. Consider joining us and recommend it to a friend or colleague that you think could benefit. .
Follow the link in my profile 🌿


Contractions of creation
Friction and acceleration
Like those moments on the edge
Of a great transformation
Patience and persistence
Making peace with resistance
We wobble to find certainty
Gazing into transparency
It's a sight to see
When it's all a reflection
Questioning intention
Who is in the driver's seat?
Have the courage to meet
That part of you, that program
That was installed without permission
By the system
To blind us from our mission
It's a crime to our identity
Strip away the obscenity
Till were rung out to our essence
Coming into pure presence
We let go of the need to know
And find the state of flow
Where our mind is just fleeting
And our heart does the leading

She said “Don’t beat yourself up. It’s good to be self critical but don’t drive yourself nuts with too much criticism or you’ll kill the vibe.” Something I really needed to hear... I love this dance with all my heart. This particular dance is very old. It’s called Soko. This rhythm is played in the time leading up to a female or male circumcision. The playing of this rhythm accompanies children visiting villages to let their relatives know of the upcoming event.
The rhythm can also be played as part of a dance for youth (that have not yet undergone the right of passage into adulthood). In this context it shows the role and responsibilities of the youth in society.

IT'S ON! The season is heating up and so are we. Earth Journeys has been in a bit of an extended hibernation through the winter...and spring but a lot has been happening behind the scenes but as summer commences, we are BEYOND STOKED to share our calendar of upcoming trainings, retreats the The Sustainable Living Tour 2019! .
**Uniting Changemakers Summer Convergence July 14th
**The Changemaker Initiation September 27th-30th
**Earth Journeys Facilitation Training Oct 5th-6th
**The Sustainable Living Tour (Now called, The Changemakers Journey) - SPRING 2019!
**Beginning to offer our programs in schools and in businesses beginning Fall 2018!
Please share your interest and questions with us! We love to hear from you. <3 Thank you SO much to everyone who has been such an integral part of the growth of this organization by interning with us, being involved in our programs or simply offering your love and encouragement.
Follow the link in my profile to find out more!

One of my greatest joys in life is teaching and facilitating. It has become a natural state of flow when I am in front of a group. I love guiding people into the state of mind where they can smell, taste, hear and feel the palpable energy of being ALIVE. I love teaching regenerative living starting with honoring our interconnectivity with all living things, then getting to the practical day to day application of it. I think it's important that we start from the heart and cultivate a spiritual connection with ecology. Last night, Bryan and I visioned out our next year of offerings for Earth Journeys and I am ecstatic to announce what is in store! We are open, ready, and available to be booked at your next private event to offer earth & heart centered leadership development! We gave our homepage a little love last night too..check out the updates - -> I love you community!

Feeling these deep sultry musings this evening after meeting my shadows over and over again on this beautiful rainbow road of life. Goodnight and go in.

I am clear on my path, with a deep knowing of who I am, what I want and how I want it. I flow with structure. I create with design in mind. I love unconditionally and I melt into gentleness and compassion. I serve, I give. I listen from the heart. Thank you to my teachers and plant allies for showing me the way. The good way. The beauty way. The red road. The one hearted path.

Mm.. alive, focused, ready and inspired from Lightning in a Bottle this weekend. I led 2 workshops, one on practical steps towards living a regenerative lifestyle and the other on practicing the embodiment of our interconnectivity to ignite hope, compassion and action to heal the planet. This is a clip for that workshop. This is a song I wrote to transition between a grief ritual and going forth. I’m ready to continue sharing this deep and important work with the world!
Think of booking me for your next event!

Nature, our primary teacher if we pay close enough attention. 🌿🌻🌞💦

Reminiscing....can’t wait to get into the studio soon and activate this righteous musical path😇😇
🎶You Think you Don't Know (But I Know)-Charles Bradley

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