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THE VACANTS by Jasmine L Johnson
Baltimore City is home to approximately 16,000 vacant properties. There are residents that live here that are as empty inside as the properties. Growing up in Baltimore City is harder than most may think. True, Donte, Man, Cierra and Damon have been friends their whole life. Unfortunately, their lives haven’t turned out as great as they thought they would be.
They began to reflect on their lives by taking numerous trips back down memory lane. Most of the memories consist of violence, drugs and murder during their teenage years. They dig deep into their pasts and realize how they got to where they’re at in life. 
True tries her best to get past the murder of her son’s father. Donte is battling with his mother’s sickness. Man tries to get back to life after years of incarceration. Cierra is still young and battling drug addiction. Damon is trying his best to stay alive after years of a life filled with violence. 
Now, in the present, each character is forced to make a major life decision. They either have to change or continue to be VACANT.

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You just can't teach an old dog new tricks… or can you? Paul just hasn't learned his lesson, but he'll soon find out that when a woman is fed up, she's fed up; and that woman just happens to be Joyce, his wife

Budussy: The Beginning
Budussy: Life Goes On...
Budussy 2

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