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Sistah's on Lit cabaret are you all ready? I'm so excited get y'all tickets now. You also can pay via PayPal to

It's gonna be a party!!!!!!!!
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Good morning

Books I recieved in the mail today. #paperbacks #Thanks

Come on out and meet some Authors get your books signed. Check out the vendors we have. Music and fun. This is a family event and it's FREE.

Happy Easter!!!!

It's a new month so write down your goals for this month. Good morning have an awesome day.

Free family event come on out.

Sins of A Housewife by Monica L. Smith

REVIEW I Heart AA books:
Wow! Was the first word that came to mind when reading Sins of a Housewife. This story from start to finish was like a sizzling spark that soon erupted in burning hot flames. Bored housewife Adele has finally waved the white flag of defeat concerning getting any excitement from her workaholic husband Louis. After years of being married to the love of her life it is no secret between the two that the sexual desire they once shared has fizzled out... at least from Louis's end. So after accepting an invitation by a close friend to a private escort service, Adele finds herself experiencing more pleasure than she could have ever imagined but will it cost her losing her marriage or finding herself?

Coming from someone who has read a lot of erotica novels, Sins of a Housewife is definitely in my top 5 of greatest sex capades.

From the creativeness, to the sensual Chemistry Between the characters each romantic scene was hotter than the next. To make a great sex scene, it takes more than just describing body parts coming together, it takes heavy mental stimulation that leads to the explosive climax which in my opinion you nailed perfectly. I also like the fact that you didn't just let Louis disappear as a character you kept the storyline between him and Adele going and also showed them working on their marriage to be a better fit for each other. Although I had a sneaking suspicion of how this book was going to end it was played out perfectly. The closing chapter couldn't have been better.

If I could critique anyting I would have like to know more backstory about the characters. Information about them would have allowed the reader to get to know them better. For instance Adele, what does she do? Did she go to school? What are her interest? Why do they call her Lotus? I think you touched a bit on Louis's job but I still don't have a clear definition of exactly what he does. Gabby completely came out of nowhere as a character. I think more information given about her in the beginning would have prepped the reader for her appearance. Adding this information would have just gave the book a little more depth,

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