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☇H A R R Y P O T T E R☇  ☆~Slytherin ♡~Scorbus ♡~Wolfstar ♡~Drarry

Minerva is more perfect than my simple words can describe.
I think I ruined me and my besties relationship. Way 2 go Alex.

This is cute

This is beautiful

Actually quite funny

Oh look I'm not dead. That's cool. (Yes this is real)

Sorry 4 being inactive as hell.
My bro's at the hospital k bye, sorry.

Heeey so yea no nothing bye.

But this is amazing and I'm in love with it.


Heeeeey..... missed me?

I feel like that's wrong but ok


Honestly me in the classroom :/

Headcanon accepted.

I haven't slept more than 5h in a week and I feel weak.

I'm so done with life😰

Some adorable wolfstar
[Credit: ig:upthehillart] (I will keep this account hp buuuut I might start a Shadowhunters acc)

Q: Should I make this acc an multi fandom acc? That means that I will post about Shadowhunters (tmi & tid), Supernatural, Lord of the rings and Harry Potter. PLEASE comment what you think I should do.

Jeeeez.... I got 350 likes in 24h on my last pic... tysm! Was it the period talk?🤔😂

Cute amIright?
My period is over a week early and I'm kinda freakin out. I don't wanna google it bcs then I'm probably dying tomorrow sooo.... why is my period over a week early?

Hello there, I'm sorry 4 being this inactive. I have no excuse. I'm lazy. Bye.

And he wasn't simply just "misunderstood"

This is beautiful
Ok so I was in Prague yesterday and Goood it was so beautiful... and so hot. And people are so nice!
I mean I live in Sweden = Meanass assholes but in Prague? Everyone seems so nice and respectful.
On the resturant I was callled "Madame" wich I didn't really like bcs I'm nobinary but still?! And then later in some shop this guy was really nice and like we just shitchated. Later this woman was like "Xcuse me miss? Do you speak english? Do you know where I am?" 2 bad I had no idea... And then a guy and his friends asked if I could take a picture of them. Reaaally nicely. I just liked this city idk it was great.
[Update] Ok so apparently Swedish ppl are just dicks


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