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sirena + the sea  Sustainable swim, sculptural jewelry, RTW by Laurie DiBiagio | Timeless with an eclectic twist. Small batch — aesthetics, ethics, and versatility.


Women in Sirena. Dawn Ortiz. The definition of a badass. In fact, as soon as Mark saw this photo ‘badass’ was the first word to come out of his mouth. Dawn is a survivor. A survivor of cancer, a warrior on the battle field of life, a mother of 3, and most recently on the mend from her heart surgery this past winter. She’s ridiculously stylish, bold, confident, and colorful. And has phenomenal taste. Her personal style and home are reflection of the life within in her. I sat with Dawn this morning to catch up and take her photograph. Dawn reminds me that it’s totally okay to embrace my benevolent no bullshit personality — even if it might scare some people away. Dawn is headed back to work Sunday after her several month long recovery from surgery. If you have the honor to personally know Dawn then you know how amazing her transformation has been. She’s glowing and I believe that glow is a woman fully in her own. Keep kicking butt Dawn and doing you. P.S Dawn wanted me to let you all know how surprisingly lightweight these earrings are and that you can’t even feel them on. She also couldn’t believe I do it all by hand without a mold. She ordered the Mollusk No.1 in gold-plated. #treschic #womeninsirena

I know I am in the business of “fashion” and consumerism and you could say its hypocrisy. But for me it is about SACRED DRESS. Versatility. Multi-functionality. Art. Walking Goddess. Timelessness. Making a lot out of a little in life, art, and body adornment. Expressing beauty and individuality coexisting with sustainability, nature, and longevity. Where we still get to have fun, be women, be feminine in its purest form. Be FREE. I have been doing a lot of sculpting and fine tuning of where I want to take SIRENA. Sustainability, versatility, and quality over quantity within timelessness at the forefront is of upmost importance to me. I don’t want to continue on like every other fashion brand before me. That means opting out of tradeshows, not following the rules, expectations, regulations and standards. Things that always made me feel like a fraud anyway. I don’t believe that is what I am meant to do or how I am meant to operate. To write, to document, to teach, to learn, to story tell, to grow is my purpose and my products are a physical expression of my beliefs, dreams, desires, and past lives. This is my medicine. In order for me to be true to my mission and vision for sirena + the sea and future of earth — I want to create a core collection that is built thoughtfully over time and not over produce in a world that is already overflowing. I guess that means not following the typical seasonal schedule.

So with that said, I am going to hold off on adding to the swim line and keep the classic and timeless offerings I have until it is appropriate to create again. I believe what I have to offer is enough for now and my means. I don’t need to shell out borrowed money and resources just to make myself look big and shiny and new. As I grow with your support I can offer more and more options for inclusivity and diversity. I am going to focus on a designing and creating a couple more RTW pieces that fall into the same vain of multi-functionality and let SIRENA evolve into what she is destined to be organically, naturally, and at her own pace. On her own motherfucking time. Revolt until you rule.

Have you ever said or have heard a woman say, “ Wahhhhhh. I have nothing to wear!” And then watched the inevitable downward spiral into self-loathing and various insecurities about appearance surface and ensue? Raise your hand ladies because we are all guilty!!!! But, is it our fault that it has been ingrained into our female psyche for centuries now via religious reform, colonialism, and consumerism. And continues to be spoon fed to us via social media, bloggers, influencers, magazines, tradeshows, etc? We are constantly being told we don’t have enough. That outfit is not good enough. I need more more more more more. And people are getting paid to tell us this while we are chaotically trying to keep up with out it ever adding up. So, how I want to respond when I hear this blasphemous statement.
1. Hold back from grabbing shoulders and shaking person or if it’s myself obsessively contemplating my existential existence and hypocrisy.
2. You do have something to wear.
3. I’ll guarantee to make a cute outfit out of what you already have. Believe me I’m very well versed in this. I’m an artist and entrepreneur. And I haven’t been picked up by a large corporation. 🧐
4. What you have and what you have to offer are more then enough.
5. Naked is cool.
6. How fucking spoiled, privileged and blinded are we? And what will it take to make us see that we are being brainwashed and worshipping a hoax.
More on this topic coming soon. A lot more. Recovering the lost feminine one irreverent/reverent rant at a time. See my stories if this interests you.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Little Sculptures 🐚. The sweetest little sentiments shipped just in time if orders are placed today. I will also be popping up on Saturday December 15 with @brinn_bags at @noondesigns from 11-4pm. I will be offering a special gift with each purchase, but I can’t tell you what it is until you get there...

Working in my studio on some brand new pieces, ideas, and concepts that have been crowning for awhile now ( @_peopleofthedawn ) and needed a push to get out of me — the feeling feels like this photo. I am a divine mother here to birth and be it all within the context of womanhood. Recover the lost feminine and reclaim the magic of earth that was long in place and forgotten — before they ( whoever they are ) brainwashed us with fear. I am sirena. Feminine light. This is the return of the Jedi. I am a Morgaine of Mists of Avalon. See you on the other side.

Always in bloom 🌼 | Luscious capture by the beautiful @ruhling_woven. If they’re for a gift I’ll get them there on time.

The Sirena Apron. The 1950s set free. The return of the lost feminine. All revolutions start small. #revoltuntilyourule | 20% off pre-order ends this month with code SIRENAAPRON. If you’ve been eyeing this up for a gift I will be more then happy to send a printed certificate to share on opening day. Just add it in the notes.

Understated elegance x eclecticism x conscious conservative clothing consumption = sacred dress that is effortless. I’m in the business of recovering the lost feminine; sustainability, beauty, ethics, and versatility. Slow growth, slow fashion because women are timeless and I’m not in a rush. Transcend. @itscaseyevans in Lolita Top and Flowering Dogwood Blooms.

If you’re local— sirena swim, jewelry, and robes will be at @sourceandtradition all weekend. I won’t be, new moons, moon cycles, ascension integration and too much wine and cheese have made me sleepy. Spirit asked me to quit meat for awhile before I did. I think I am being asked to get rid of cheese and alcohol next. But, wahhhh I don’t want to.
If you’re not a Jersey girl, boy, man, woman get your orders in this week and I’ll be sure to get them to you on time. I’ll also be dropping some ready to ship when I’m ready to ship.

If you didn’t receive my newsletter I am offering 20% off swim and jewelry until December 10th with code SIRENALOVE along with free shipping all month.

Tomorrow night I’ll be popping up at @sourceandtradition from 5-8 for the Bay Head Christmas Walk. Come shop for holiday gifts, holiday feasting, and holiday getaways. I will also be announcing additional dates in Bay Head for 2 weekends in December to shop the collection.

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