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Sira  Jesus 🙏🏼✝⛪️ Keep it real 👫💙✈️👜 LoVe Life with Leo much more than Luxe. 🐶😊 ขอบคุณที่ดูรีวิวนะคะ 😘 ไม่ขาย ไม่ตอบ DM & ราคาค่ะ


It's been extremely busy and stressful week. 😓😑 Taking my #newin #lvhorizon 50 to a short break. ✈️🇬🇧 I'm a big fan of Mon Monogram and 💙 is my favourite colour. .
Been MIA from social media world. Hope everyone is doing well. Take care and have a nice day/night. 😊

My last (minute) shopping before the next chapter of my (life) journey. Took me more than 1 hour to visit my super SA at @louisvuitton Chadstone (even via tollway/citylink 😩🚙). Not sure if that's worth effort and time for small purchase. 😂 Nevertheless, thanks so much @miaweelow for hotstamping and tanning the vachetta of my mon monogram neverfull bag. I prefer "used" looking vachetta than the brandnew one. 👜
Nothing is perfect, my LV journey isn't either. However, whenever and whatever issues/problems are, my super SA has always been trying his best to fix and make things right as well as putting up with my anger and unhappiness. 😳😒😤😡😂 Thanks so much for your patience and your helps in the past 3 years Isaac! 🙏🏼

It's that time of the year. 🌾💛 I chose one particular rural town for my GP training rotations the moment I first saw this beautiful massive canola field. 🌾🌾 #naturalbeauty Time flies, that was ~ 10 years ago! 🏥😅👵🏼 .
เลือกเมืองชนบทเล็กๆ เมืองนึงตอนเทรนหมอ GP ที่ออสเตรเลียด้วยเหตุผลที่ขับรถผ่านทุ่งดอกไม้สีเหลืองสุดลูกหูลูกตาแบบนี้ค่ะ นับแล้วก็ประมาณ 10 ปีก่อนแล้วค่ะ 👵🏼😆

We didn't come to LV Collins to shop but we came here for Leo's photoshoot. 📸🐶😊 Sorry (not sorry) for buying fake #LVxSupreme, unfortunately @louisvuitton doesn't have RTW for dogs. 😅🐶 Hope it's not too late for Leo to join #hypebeast. ❤️😆 #matchymatchy .
📸 by my mom, can't wait to see beautiful pics from @spottypawspetphotography, thanks so much Putra and Lenka! 😊🐶🐾

Found this @bromleyandco gallery by chance on Daylesford main road, amazing artwork and collection. 💙 Didn't have much time exploring his work when attending event in Melbourne many months ago. To visit here by myself (without any brand's invitation/obligation) is much better way to see the beauty of his artwork. 👏🏼

Great dinning experience at @lakehousedaylesford. 🍴😋 The 9-course tasting menu is amazing (see on my IG story), a must try if you visit Daylesford. 💙😊 We were here ~ 12 years ago but my hubby can't remember! 😅😂 Nevertheless, life has changed a lot. #thankGod #thankshubby #feelingblessed 🙏🏼❤️

Leo thought the bouquet was his treats and ran to me. #realcandid 😅🐶😂 Not your treats Leo, they are roses for papa 🌹🌹😉💚❤️, match mama's new sneakers. 🌹👟😝

Made it to early morning church service on the first day of daylight saving, yeah! 😆🎉 Such a strong presence of God. Once you experience His presence, no one can deny that God is real. Take home message 👉🏼 "Be filled with Holy Spirit and live fully satisfied with presence of God." 🙏🏼
BOTD is @louisvuitton cles, I don't need much, really. 😊 Going to see someone very special, it's super blessed Sunday. Be blessed and be a blessing everyone. 😘

#Mirrorfie with my #newin #LVhorizon 50. 💙😊 I sometimes feel size 55 looks a bit big when I carry (I'm 163cm) so if you are shorter than 160cm, 50 would likely be a better size unless you carry a lot on board ✈️ which I don't. Will post comparison (50&55) pic later. 😊
Do you know Australian football, aka footy? 🏉 It's AFL grand final today and I still worked. I don't watch footy, sorry my Aussie fellows. 😅 My first (unforgettable) experience with footy was when I worked in emergency department. 🏥 A football player presented with loss of consciousness during the game. He told me someone knocked him when he was jumping to grab the ball. I asked "Are you a goal keeper?" 😂😂 He looked at me as if I was from Mars and answered "No, I'm a footy player. You know footy, Australian football?" 🙄🏉😂 ..... Football that I knew is called soccer here. 🏉⚽️😆

#LVunboxing 🎁🎉 As a frequent flyer, LV horizon luggage is the lightest and the most spacious luggage (for its size) I have ever owned. 👏🏼 #marcnewson Love my 55 to the max but size 50 is perfect for a light traveler like me. Adding a personal touch with Mon Monogram 💙⚪️ - I love personalized items and I'm not afraid to be different. 😉💙 Can't wait to use this #newin for my upcoming trip. 😁✈️

Mama, this @louisvuitton box is bigger than Leo, what's inside? 🐶🤔🎁

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