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Over this past month I've found myself at a loss for words, and emotions. I've found myself in dark places, that I'd never imagine myself being in.
I've found myself surrounded by family and friends who loved Weston more than anything. I've felt pain and suffering unlike anything I've felt before.
I've seen a town in South Georgia come together for a family at the drop of a dime. And show them love and support that I've never seen before.
I saw my brother being carried of a plane from Iraq.
I saw the Georgia State Patrol with their hundred plus Troopers, and surrounding county police departments, escort my brother and his family to his home town.
I've found myself in a church, with hundreds of friends, family, and people from all over the state come and pay their respects to the family.
I found myself in a school where we held Weston's memorial to 900 plus people. I saw Mavis Moore, and Jimmy Web share stories that brought tears to everyone's eyes, and in the same instance bring smiles to their faces, sharing stories of how goofy Weston really was.

I escorted my brother on a 12 hour ride from Bluffton GA, to Arlington National Cemetery.

I found myself in a chapel at Arlington National Cemetery, filled with family, friends and uniformed personnel of all ranks.
I witnessed a family devastated by the loss of a loved one, but also honored by the legacy he had left with us in such a short time.
I followed behind a Caisson carrying Weston Cecil Lee to his final resting place.
I witnessed the Old Guard present a perfectly folded American flag to his mother.
I witnessed grown men in uniform kneeling on the ground, saying goodbye to a friend and fellow soldier with not a dry eye amongst us, all the time knowing the next service could be our own.
I have been humbled by the amount of support and love this country has shown Weston over this past month. I now have all the Lee family to call my own. I now have brothers in North Georgia that call me their own. I now have a family that extends across this country. And to Savannah, I will always love you, forever and always. Jake, Cody, Marcus, and Will, I love you guys from the bottom of my heart.

Alcon, please see the attached message and disseminate to all. Tomorrow we lay our brother 1LT Weston Cecil Lee to rest and give him the honors he deserves. All attending please take the metro to the Arlington National Cemetery stop, the parking at Arlington is limited. To double tap, you will need to be at Arlington Memorial Chapel NLT 845 in order to make the procession. Full dress uniform and plan for bad wether. Following the service, everyone should met at fireworks pizza in Arlington at 1130. #RLTW

2 hours from now I'll be escorting my Best Friend @westonlee24 to Arlington National Cemetery. Clearing my head, the only way I know how.

It's just not the same anymore

Family ❤️

Throwing some weight around with the boys the other night @hendo_327 @feed.the.wolf_89 @trent_mock

This is the call to all service members. Weston's funeral date at Arlington National Cemetery is, 25 MAY 2017, at 9:00am. Anyone that can attend is welcome. Let's come together as a whole, and show his family how much this man was loved, all across the nation. We look forward to seeing you on the 25th. Please share this on all forms of social media, so that we can get the word out. Thank you. @savyy_farr @feed.the.wolf_89 @hendo_327

@hendo_327 " Bro, what are those? Baby Gainz? "

No sleep. Lift stuff.

Couldn't do any of this without you two.

This is a call to all service members. Weston will be laid to rest at Arlington. Date to be determined. I will bast it out as soon as we have a confirmed date. I need every single one of you to be there. We need to show his family and friends, how we can come together as a whole, and be there for our brother. Thank you.

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