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Vinny, why you soo Handsome 🖤

Some days, you just have to #FuckingSendIt

In case you missed it, this was part of my live video Tuesday night with @radical_regnar #Sneks

Deadlifts and Snugs

My coach @ct_whitney @whitney.sp is fucking KILLING the game. 675 TIMES FUCKING TWO. Jesus. If you're interested in receiving your man card or just tired of not getting results hit him up. If you doubt it, just ask, @tacticalpollypocket @koolaidkommander @mr_.personality @es_itsme

@hendo_327 soon my bro

Light work. 2 inch deficit deads 4x2 #WhitneySP

🎼 - Don't Let Go - King ISO

When your boy is out doing hitter things. And try's to make a cool video.... but eats it cause of 🤣🤣@beamteam3gun

Remember tomorrow is Monday. Don't go into it with a shit attitude, wake up, and put that big ass smile on your face. Conquer Everything you set out to do.

But If you haven't taken control of your own life yet, or think shit is just too fucking hard. Think again #Monica. We all have struggles. Fuck your struggle. Doesn't matter who you are. Or what the hell you do. Wether you're banging doors in downrange, or stacking chutes like my #POG ass. We all play a part. And you're all important as Fuck. Stop thinking otherwise.

Be a good Human. Take tomorrow by the balls, stop making excuses, and be your own fucking Motivation. #StayTheCourse #NeverSettle

Ok dads play wiff me. Wait I'm done playin #TheFrenchieVinny

Long story short, if your account was deleted or deactivated. Blast them emails. It'll take a while, it's super frustrating, but eventually they will respond. Everyone be safe with these hurricanes rolling in. •

Side note. If you've been scammed by a fake profile, NO ONE CARES. You're literally the cause of the problem enabling them if you fall for this shit. Here's your sign. Profiles made 2 days ago and shitty English. 🤗

@ct_whitney over here crushing the game. Personally wouldn't go with anyone else. I know for a fact a few close friends of mine have seen great results from his programming. If you have the time, hit him up. Fact one, He is not out here breaking the bank for personalized programs. Fact two is, his shit actually works. Don't be a bitch. @runeverythinglabs

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