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اسمان ♚ Ossy ♚ عثمان  | 📍London 📍Dubai 📍LA Founder of @Luxury Dreams are meant to be chased not only seen, Follow yours - Ossy

The greatest form of love you will ever find is someone who wants nothing more than to hold you when your tears are cutting rivers into your bones.
You will begin to understand that it’s okay to be at your lowest when someone doesn’t mind floating with you for a little while , until your soul comes back to rest - Ossy 💓

When you lie down and reflect upon yourself. You begin to wonder some parts of you are brighter then you think, 206 bones more then 650 muscles, billions of atoms, and beyond this shell of body, there’s an infinitive universe inside of you.
Your feelings and emotions are like planets, revolving around your heart, your thoughts are like the orbits, and there is so much more in the unknown that you will discover with time.
All it needs is someone to make you realise that home is not a place but a bond & happiness , time is not measured by a clock but by moments and the heartbeats are not heard but felt and shared- Ossy

Glad to be a part of @helbizofficial the future of renting luxury cars, yachts, jets and lastly a payment system to simplify cryptocurrencies

Sometimes it’s best to walk that path alone and keep yourself to yourself while you suffer through all the hardships, struggle and pain because when your writing the story of your life you shouldn’t let anyone else hold the pen

The best things in life are worth waiting for, worth fighting for, believing in and never letting go of because at the end of your hardships comes a gift from God

I believe God sends you something in your life to fight for, to show that there is love in the world, to give you hope and bring you joy and all the proof in god you need is in the someone you get from the heavens, true happiness will find you in magical Mry ways you can’t imagine - Ossy

There are angels amongst us, I believe there are beautiful souls on this earth who light up the world with their warmth, I believe in people who come into your life and bring light to once where they used to be darkness, when you meet them you instantly feel uplifted, loved and filled with grace. I believe in gods plans, he puts people in your life for a reason to help you start seeing yourself in ways you've never seen before, people who will help you believe in yourself. Angels who will bring nothing but happiness and joy, I believe in people who enter your life and become a part of you. A part that you keep close to your heart and soul. I believe that there are still good people in this world who do not have ulterior motives and will always be by your side no matter what and they are as rare to find as these islands are - Ossy

Stress is like holding a glass of water for a prolonged period of time. The longer you hold it the more you think about it & the heavier it gets. Remember to put the glass down and just enjoy the food which is life 😁 - Ossy

You can meet thousands of people and none of them really know you or touch you and then you meet that one person, and your life is changed forever.

Because there will only ever be one person who will see inside your soul, your mind, your heart and touch your spirit in ways no one could ever.

It’s beautiful when you find that someone that cares for your mind, someone that wants to undress your conscience and make love to your thoughts, someone that wants to watch you slowly take down all the walls and barriers you’ve built up around your mind and heart and let them inside

You can never look for them, it’s destiny the way they come in your path
And through them you find the staircase in life that leads you to heaven , your soul finds peace that you thought never existed , your deepest dreams become reality, your every bruise is healed, your heart starts to beat a way it never has and the words you cannot speak turn into emotions and your patience in life makes it all worth the while because you’ll never have to walk alone again - Ossy

These pillars were built more then 5000 years ago yet still stand why? Because the foundations are strong.
This is how our life should be, life rests upon pillars of care, trust, faith, truth and love. Have a strong pillar to have a beautiful life that no storm can move you or break you - Ossy

Be wary of those who are always bragging about who they are and their connections. The king of the jungle doesn’t boast about its power!

There's no need to be discouraged by trouble and difficulty. Remember, it will not defeat you unless you allow it to. In fact, hardship and trials toughen you and prepare you for life’s challenges.

Where you are today isn’t where you will stay.‬ Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise with each new day. Keep hope alive in your heart.

Everything we go through is part of our life’s journey. The tests, the trials, the difficulties, the delays, the unfair situations; they all serve their purpose eventually. Trust in His Plans 🙏🏼 - Ossy

As i look back on my life, I realise that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better. You must convince your heart that whatever god has decreed is the most appropriate and most beneficial for you.

Always stays positive because not all storms come to disrupt your life, by staying positive you’ll realise some come to clear your path as the beauty of life lies within its struggles

Life will lead you to something so beautiful which you never could of imagined, you will find so much happiness that it will heal every part of you, so much joy that you begin to feel like your whole life has been worth the wait to where it’s led you to. Your soul will crawl out from its hiding place, your spirit comes alive, your mind will come to peace, your heart just smiles and opens up without being scared and you feel complete for once in your life - Ossy

A person can meet you only as deep as they have met themselves

We all go through that phase in life where you have given up and lost, you don’t know what to feel or see, your scared and helpless but don’t worry it’s a part of your path. Don’t avoid it!

Unless you learn to face your own shadows, you will continue to see them in others, because the world outside of you is only reflection of the world inside you.

And when you meet that person your life changes the path you’ve lived defines your life & it brings you to that one person, it’s like an instant recognition on an unconscious level where your souls already know each other fully accepting the dark and light within one other, you realise something deep and buried in you is buried in them too that creates a powerful connection that words cannot describe and no measure of distance or duration of silence can prevent the outbreak of smiles and you finally see yourself through the eyes of one and find your own worth - Ossy

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