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🕊🌿  sak pasè?

my mind boggles when time toggles in the ocean of stars it's hard to find goggles

m i s s i n g

This is how I feel
I feel beige
I wrote this song for you
But are we on the same page

lena sent me this photo a hell long time ago (hi lena if you're reading) and this shit still hurts the soul. for anyone who is reading i hope you're doing fine 🕊


not another one of you.
You make the sky red and turn my lips blue.
Ho ho ho
could there have been a better time?
if only you had picked a date
when I was not as bummed out of my mind.
I wish I could tell you what I wanted to say
but no, pessimists don't believe in wishes this way

it's been more than a year but nothing has changed. i used to go to bed praying that i won't get nightmares but i realize now the real nightmares happen when i'm awake

i will find you

most of the time we gotta stop being too hard on ourselves. most of the time i say a lot of shit but i never heed my own advice. happiness is subjective but doesn't mean it isn't out there.

the only ones that matter ♥️ happy birthday vanny!!!!!!! the world is your oyster and you are always the pearl 🕊

stay true

seven sundays

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