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nabs 🦉  yknow i’m caught in my vibe but i’d still give you my rib

amazing people who deserve the world and more

leng zai & the talented

contented is all i am.

better – SiR

money over bitches on my headstone

the more we seek, the harder it is to find.

i do miss the 0 degree weather walk to get overpriced burger king at 11pm. but we gotta move on sometime.

i stood at the side of the street for so long contemplating on whether i should get a shot of a bus across the street. wasn’t even a good shot. much like how i’m lying in bed right now contemplating my decisions to remove two wisdom teeth in a row :)

(someday i would be) cruising down the street in my 64

was really excited about this shot because it was the first to develop properly because i finally found my heat pack. it was more of a warm pack or a weak pack cus it wasnt hot at all. but it was one of those ‘good enough’ solutions. lately it’s only been good enough solutions tho. when do we deserve the best

right before kendrick played Alright, he teased with a good 5 seconds of wesley’s theory. i honestly was about to cry. but “tell the world i know it’s too late. boys and girls think i’ve gone cray. drown inside my vices all day” has been a in my head ever since. (this is my favourite shot ever ever ever btw 🌻)

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