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Allegra Poggio  ✨La dolce vita✨Balanced Body • Fuse Pilates • Yoga Medicine • Holistic Culinary Nutritionist <in training> 🌟breathe • move • nourish🌟always exploring🌟

Zucchini Olive Oil muffins from @pinchofyum & Blueberry Almond muffins from @rebeccakatzyum #experimenting #sipsnacksweat #baking #love #runtreats #flavorful #fullofyum #nourish

This week flew by. The World Cup starts today 🤩and tomorrow is our monthly sunrise run! Come join our crew and get some early light, sweat, @territoryrunco swag & homemade muffins! #trailrunning #morningrun #rise #running #happyfriday @elliottrector ・・・
It’s Sunrise Run Week! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Come watch the earth turn with us each month at the Territory Sunrise Run. Hosted in TEN different cities! Come greet a new day and greet new people.
Vancouver, BC: 6/15
Asheville, NC: 6/20
Cleveland, OH: (Sunset) 6/21
Portland, Oregon: 6/15
Seattle, WA: 6/19
San Francisco, CA: TBD
Bloomington, IN: 6/22
Denver, CO: 6/20
Boston, MA: (sunset) 6/28
Berkeley, CA: 6/15
To learn more about each group run and when and where they are meeting, head to Facebook and check out all the events under the Territory Run Co./events! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#territorysunriserun | #runnersofthewild | #trailrunning

Auguri, Mamma P ❤️❤️❤️To the only woman I know that can wear these glasses & look amazing. Last, year I wrote 70 little descriptors for each beautiful year of life. Reposted below. Today I’m adding: her untethered optimism, gratitude, and light - that grows stronger every year. #birthday #poggiofamily #love #fashionablegenes #family #compleanno #auguri

This is what hard work, resilience, and gratitude looks like. @elliottrector not only finished his 4th @thedipsea race but did it in a time that matched his previous year... which this year, was the goal & not an easy one to smash. Anyone who straps on their shoes & finishes this race is an inspiration. Those that do it & match aggressive goals are legends. This race is full of legends. Husband included. May we be blessed to be able to do this until our legs fall off, so preferably, forever. #elliottslegs #tazmaniandevil #trailrunning

I spent my bday yesterday showered in peace, love, sweet nature & delicious food. What more can a girl ask for? I am thankful for this beautiful life & for the learning that never stops. For me, looking at this life through a lens of aw, gratitude, & love is everything. It’s a practice, and not an easy one, but it is transformational. Because when shit hits the fan, which it will, this practice will be there to pull you out. Eventually. Maybe. I have most definitely not always had this, but just like you build, strengthen, and maintain muscle, you can do the same with this. I’m not sure if I can explain how - it’s not a gratitude journal or an app. In my own experience, it takes more than that. If you know depression, you know that a gratitude journal and practice is real bullshit when you are in the dark. Because it’s insurmountable & unachievable at times. My friend said to me recently, “I can’t even begin with SELF COMPASSION. All I see online is about self compassion. How does that even work when you can’t get out of bed or bring yourself to shower?” 🙏It is a good thing that parts of our society are leaning into self care, compassion, statements around the importance of mental health. But it’s not enough. If it takes two prominent figures to level up on the fact that there has been a 25% increase in suicides in the U.S. since 1999, fine. But mental illness doesn’t discriminate. And if I had to wager, without deep diving into research and stats, it is pretty clear that one component of what is driving these numbers is our disconnection to each other. Our obsession with how we look & appear, social media, games, and anything that takes us away from real, human touch, and eye contact is killing us. And it’s diluting our comprehension when things happen. I know there are positives in these tools. I use them. I like them, until I don’t. I’m not perfect with it. I try to be intentional. Deliberate. I know this isn’t the only thing. That is too simplistic. But it is BIG. It is a public health issue. And it’s scary. So, go. Be with people. Take a week. Take a month. Take a year. Do what you need to do. It’s the only thing to do. Because that is life. #love

An ode to running on #globalrunningday (who makes these days up 😂): as far as movement practices go for me, running was the first, has remained the most consistent, and is one that I hope to keep for a long time. Funny enough though, it is the most challenging for me, and I never really thought of it as a practice until about a year ago. For some reason, unlike yoga or pilates that I developed with the foundation that it IS a practice that you come to again and again with consistency, patience, and discipline and where your learning never ends, I was blind to this in running. And yet, I did practice it... good days, lethargic days, race days, get out days, 5 min, 4 hours. I’ve had short periods without it but they are numbered. Most days, it opens my world, gives me time to think, problem solve, not think, breathe, process, elevate my mood. Some days it slays me. Fewer days, I slay it. But every single time, without question, I say a prayer of gratitude that I am able to do it. Because in many ways, it has kept me alert, alive, learning, curious, sensing. What more can you ask for from a practice? #patience #persistence #resilience #discipline #sipsnacksweat #love #ptreyes #trails #trailrunning #california #marin photo cred: @elliottrector

This life. I didn’t make the entry for the @thedipsea this year and was surprisingly, to me, super disappointed and sad. @elliottrector was too because while he made it (cause, speed!), it meant we were forced to break tradition of running it every year. This would be year 3. It was one of those silly moments of being upset about something that really isn’t that big of a deal. These moments make me chuckle (usually later, not in the moment) because it’s never about THE THING. It’s always something else. So I sat with it. And so did @elliottrector, until he said “well, we should just run it on our own. Start a new tradition. And we’ll make it a double dipsea 😂.” And just like that, it got to the core of it, and brought me to tears. Cause when things get taken, that you perceive you have, or deserve, or fill the blank, it can feel like a stripping away, like something has been stolen. Which may or may not be what’s going on but that’s not really the point. The power of coming to the awareness, again and again, that while we don’t have control of this life, we are creating it and reinventing it every single minute, is EVERYTHING. And so, today we did it. With a halfway marked by a jump in the Pacific Ocean. Keeping with one of our vows to always adventure wildly. I’m so thankful for this human, that can reflect back, support and energize with every bone in his body. This life. 🙏❤️🙏#dipseatrail #love #elliottslegs #sipsnacksweat #everywhereoutside

Early Pilates. Run. Smoothie. Parking ticket 🙄🙄🙄. Roll with it. Cause 🤷‍♀️. C’est la vie. And it’s pretty great. 🙏#sandiego

Look at this @territoryrunco sunriseruncrew!!! And peep that gorgeous sunrise & view 😂. If you want to feel alive, grab some friends & strangers, rise early & run in the clouds. It is the best medicine. And truly, this run is so sizzling that it’s attracting the best talent (@silbatron) all the way from our nations’s capital ✈️🏃‍♂️. Now we just need some female representation. All paces welcome! I always take up the back of the pack and couldn’t be happier to be out here. Join us next month on June 15th. 📷by @savageandrew (the crew’s pro photog)🙏❤️🙏#runningfamily #friends #dedication #trailrunning #berkeley @ap.wellness #sunrise

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