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Siouxsie Gillett  Snake handler & herpetologist, likes catching snakes with @SimonKeysOfficial #SnakeCity

My new squeeze :-P
Don't miss tonight's episode on @natgeowild at 10PM. We find a spitting cobra in an air conditioning unit and even have to call the fire brigade for some help with a green mamba!
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Spitting cobras are pretty much my worst nightmare! Although they are incredible snakes, I am highly allergic to their venom, and considering they can spit it at my face with remarkable accuracy, I have to keep my distance!

In this week's episode of #SnakeCity, we save an injured cobra from a home, and then receive a call about a black mamba that has eaten two kittens.

Don't miss it! Sunday at 10PM on @natgeowild (US only).
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The perfect curl :-) Don't miss an all NEW episodes of #SnakeCity on Sunday at 10PM on @natgeowild (US only).
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USA Snake City fans, tune in to Nat Geo Wild today for some repeats of Season 4 episodes as well as a brand NEW one at 10PM:
4PM: Snake City 4 - Trailer Park Terror
5PM: Snake City 4 - Psycho Mamba
6PM Snake City 4 - The Wedding Crasher
10PM: Snake City 4 - Monster in the Bed (NEW)

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US fans, only one day to go before a new episode airs! This week we have to use a trap to capture a forest cobra that had been terrorizing a trailer park.

All NEW episodes of #SnakeCity on Sundays at 10PM on Nat Geo WILD (US only).

This part of a snake capture always gets the blood pumping! We don't often use gloves when handling snakes as we find that they can get in the way and actually make it harder for us to to get a grip on a venomous snake, but sometimes it's unavoidable.
This black mamba was captured on the last season of #SnakeCity. Identifiable from its coffin-shaped head and olive-green colouration, the species is actually named for the inky black colouration on the inside of its mouth (which you can see nicely in this pic!)
All NEW episodes of #SnakeCity on Sundays at 9/8c on @natgeowild (US only).
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We catch a LOT of these little guys. A common visitor in residential gardens in South Africa (particularly in KwaZulu-Natal), the spotted bush snake, or variegated green snake, sports bright green skin peppered with black speckles. Often active during the day, these tree-dwelling constrictors are sometimes confused with venomous green mambas, but their black spots, slim bodies and the light-brown rings around their eyes set them apart from their deadlier cousins.
All NEW episodes of #SnakeCity on Sundays at 9/8c on Nat Geo WILD (US only). #snakes #snake #reptiles #herpetology #natgeowild #snakesofinstagram

ICYMI there will be a repeat of the first episode of #SnakeCity Season Four tonight! .
Here's a look at the upcoming air dates for @natgeowild US:
Season 3 – Cobra in the Kitchen: 08/03/2017, 8PM
Season 4 – The Wedding Crasher: 08/03/2017, 9PM
Season 3 – Cobra in the Kitchen: 08/03/2017, 11PM
Season 4 – The Wedding Crasher: 08/04/2017, 12AM
Season 4 – The Wedding Crasher: 08/06/2017, 10AM
Snake City Bites Back - Deadly Hide & Seek: 08/06/2017, 11AM
Season 4 – Psycho Mamba: 08/06/2017, 9PM (NEW EP!)
Snake City Bites Back - Spitting Distance: 08/06/2017, 10PM
Season 4 – Psycho Mamba: 08/07/2017, 12AM
Snake City Bites Back: Spitting Distance: 08/07/2017, 1AM

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Hanging out with my favourite squeeze 😉 We're so excited for the new season of #SnakeCity! US fans, make sure you tune into @natgeowild tomorrow at 9PM for the season premier (there will actually be a whole day of Snake City tomorrow starting at 12PM, so tune in a bit earlier if you really want to get your fill). #snakes #snake #NatGeoWild #NatGeo #herpetology #animalrescue #reptiles #snakesofinstagram

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