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Sione Faumuinā  *Former NRL & Kiwi rugby league international *Turning athletes into CEOs

10,000 hours

The “10,000 Hour Rule” is adapted from a classic 1993 publication from Anders Ericsson and is widely quoted that the number of hours one must deliberately practice in order to become an expert performer

Take our footy stars as an example

From picking up a footy at the age of 5

Training twice a week and playing on the weekends

Then there is high school footy.
More training

Then there’s rep honours

More training

Then they decide to train outside the team trainings
More training

By the time they make it to the NRL or Super Rugby, they’ve no doubt clocked more than 10,000 hours

No other career requires more mental and physical stamina than being a professional athlete

The social media following they have acquired?
10,000 hours

The huge salaries they’re on?
10,000 hours

Don’t lose sight of what it’s taken you to get to where you are

That’s why you’re in the 2% category.
The life of a professional athlete has an expiry date

The life of a professional athlete that builds their personal brand?
There’s no end date on that

How I used my sports profile and generated $10,000 working only 5 hours

The truth is professional athletes are employees

They get paid a salary to do a job

During my rugby league career that was the mindset that I had

Then I realised that the knowledge and experience I had gathered from my time in the NRL people wanted to know more about but importantly, they would pay for it

The life span of a professional athlete is short and so is the window to maximise opportunities

The sporting bodies that you’re associated with have been leveraging off you for years

Isn’t it only fair that you return the favour?

I know it’s not easy “selling yourself” but the truth is this

Unless you change your mindset from employee to entrepreneur you’ll never see the opportunities

That’s the transformation I had to go through and I’m unapologetic about it

Which is why I’ve created a free training for athletes who want to learn how to generate $10,000 a month working 5 hours or less a month by utilising their sports profile

here’s the link ➡️
it’s also in my bio

I was one of those former players who would mock other former players that would post photos of themselves from back in the day “Just let it go man”

Then I realised that it wasn’t about letting go but embracing what they’ve achieved

So in 2016 I made the decision to put myself out there

After launching my book I was back in the media, only this time it wasn’t for all the wrong reasons

The NZ Warriors had purchased 200 copies of my book

I was featured on live TV in Australia doing an interview with abc breakfast

News hub
Tagata Pasifika
Radio NZ
NZ Herald
I don’t write this to boast but share an important concept called leverage

The ability to use your profile to share a message

To make a difference

To generate extra income
I’ve helped athletes write speeches, posts for social media, negotiate endorsement deals and mentored them on the biggest game

The game of life

You don’t have to be one of the superstars to attract paid opportunities

You just need to know how to leverage what you have

I’m looking for 5 athletes to work with me and my team to create paid opportunities for at no cost
Endorsement deals, paid speaking engagements, paid partnerships, influencer marketing
This is open to NZ based athletes only
For a limited time only I’m going to show athletes inside the vault. How I’ve created my personal brand to generate an income working 10 hours a month
How I’ve developed a message that makes a positive impact in people’s lives and how athletes can do the exact same
Send me a private message, first in best dressed

On Saturday I got to catch up with some former teammates at Mt Smart Stadium to watch the Vodafone Warriors take on Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs. It also doubled as the Old Boys round

It’s always good to see the brothers and what they’re up to these days

The greatest thing to come from playing in the NRL isn’t the money, nor the fame

It’s the opportunities

It’s a brotherhood for life

It also gives athletes an opportunity to give back to the community in someway

Which is why I’m working with a current NRL player who is about to launch PROFormance

Where he will deliver presentations into high schools for aspiring professional athletes

If you go through your whole NRL career and make it about you, don’t expect the community to be waiting with open arms to help you when you finish

Giving back is not a chore, its a duty.

Each year a new crop of Polynesian athletes make their way onto the professional footy conveyor belt

Smashing their bodies into each other week in week out

Yet so many finish their career having earned only their contract money

The penny drops after their last professional game “What do I do now”

For the forward thinking Polynesian footy player, being able to see the bigger picture

The long game

To use their position of influence

To create something

To add value

To collaborate

Form partnerships

To be a leader

A voice

Build a legacy

One Samoan NRL player is doing exactly this

Because he’s seen professional sports for what it is

A business

He’s building an empire

Footy doesn’t define him

It’s just a stepping stone to achieving something greater

Sharing my story was just the beginning

I worked with an All Black who was paid $20,000 for a keynote speech

The All Black brand is known world wide.

Imagine this..... If All Blacks we’re allowed to capitalise on the ‘Brand’

Through building their personal brand and leveraging the All Black brand

Working with corporate companies, not for profit organisations and even everyday people who would want to book an All Black for their sons 5th Birthday party

Generating an extra 100k - 200k plus on top of their playing contract

Imagine an All Black delivering 5 keynotes a year at 20k?
There’s ways to keep players in NZ, they just need to think creatively and strategically

It’s a win win for everyone

The Fans
The Team
The Player

I spoke with a current professional athlete yesterday
They shared with me how their manager isn’t doing much for them and it reminded me of my experience with a manager
In 2003 my agent turned up to my hotel in Sydney after one of our games, it had been over a year since I had spoken with him
I was in the foyer with a few of the boys when one of them said to my agent
“Oh, now you want to come and see Sione because he’s killing it”
The agent just laughed it off
That was my relationship with them
Only contacting me when it was time for an upgrade or new contract
I eventually sacked them not long after that because I found out they were doing back handed deals
They over promise and under deliver
During all my off-field dramas I never had one decent conversation with my agent about trying to assist me someway shape or form
But I don’t blame them
I blame myself because looking back, I was a full grown adult who could’ve taken more ownership of my affairs
That’s the difference between players who are set after they play and those that aren’t

#tbt .
The year was 2005 and I was 24
I had just signed an upgraded deal and extended my stay at the club for a further 2 years
It was the most money I had ever seen in my life
This was also my best season EVER
3 players in the NRL were hunted by super league clubs to play on short term deals that year
Andrew Johns - Warrington
Adrian Morley - Bradford
And me - Hull FC
What was the catalyst behind my turnaround
I reacquainted myself with the lord and was off the booze for most of the 2005 season
I also cut ties with my usual drinking buddies
I had every opportunity to set my family and myself up
I could’ve paid off my mortgage.
I could’ve gained a diploma....for free
There was talk of one day leading the Warriors if I continued to stay on the straight and narrow
But by August 2006 I was sacked
I didn’t own my sh$t and because of that I blamed the coach and the club
So many what ifs
When opportunity and time pass you by, you can never get it back.

We see the world not as it is, but as we are

Today is my last day in Bali and I must say, it has been a real experience

I’ve met people who are living their dream, people who are pursuing it, and others that are about to start the journey

They all have one thing in common

They have a team

Your network equals your net worth both in terms of financial and intellectual

You’ll reach your dreams faster with a team.

Don’t spend your life doing something you hate
You have a gift
Find it
Share it

From running free events at local gyms to speaking at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in front of University Graduates.
From youth detention centres to corporate luncheons.
I help inspire, empower and challenge people using the power of story.
I do this by pulling out lessons that I’ve learned from mistakes I’ve made and new knowledge I’ve acquired.
I’m sharing this because I know you have a message that needs to be shared.
But you’re scared.
You’re scared to step up because of what people will say.
You’re confused because you’ve gathered all this great knowledge and you don’t know what message to share.
It seems like everyone is doing it and you feel that your message has already been shared by someone else.
All you want to do is help people but you’re unsure of how to do it.
You come up with so many ideas and before you know it, a year has gone by and nothing has happened.
It’s January 2019 and I’m going to share the one tip that has helped me get to where I am.
Are you ready?
Decide 🙌🏽 All you have to do is make a decision to start.

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