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Gaming Page  I will post whatever the hell I want on my own schedule.


Guys my friend @trophykingart made this from anthem he's so fuckin good it's unreal how fast he made it also 😍

Vaas is a crazy motherfucker.

Here is the little evidence I have. Also this character has a kind of resembles Altair.

Bayek, an Egyptian assassin. The game will take place during the ascent and rule of cleopatra, the farthest back the game has ever went. It will be witcher 3 like combat. Some are complaining about it, some aren't. I personally wouldn't mind a change in combat. You also have a pet eagle you can use to mark targets. From what we know you have a skill where you can guide your arrows. At the end of the trailer you can see a giant ass snake, like a basilisk from Harry Potter. I think bayek will have ties to Desmond (I will make another post). Overall I am very hyped for this game it looks fantastic ❤️

Good ending to far cry 3.... love this game :)

When your friend has gold medals and you have silver so you begin the ddosing 😂

Finally posting again. Fuck the partner list lmao

Hey fags I'm still here I just have no ideas on what to post

These two are pretty cool ❤️ just met @ghoulsandramen today and she is super nice

Best fry right here ( Edited the picture so if it looks off that's why ) I'm going to get into posting destiny screenshots so expect some soon

Whatever. It isn't the best but comment the next person you want me to make an edit on.

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According to my brother I look like this guy.

No tags I'm lazy sorry partners.

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