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The main host of Horton National Park, the #Sambar Deer, welcomed us this misty morning in his kingdom - the #HortonPlains

The ancient city of #Sigiriya perched on the top of a nearly 200 meters high rock. It was a pleasure filled palace of King #Kasyapa I who acquired the throne by trickery and murder of his father. #SriLanka

It's the national animal of #SriLanka and their home is #KaudullaNationalPark The population of #elephants doubled from 3000 to 6000 in the past 10 years. Today we got extremely lucky to see over 150 of these amazing and majestic animalsin their natural habitat. This is a must see when visiting Sri Lanka.

It looks like just another fishing village on the golden beach of #SriLanka But it is so much more than that... #mullivaikkal beach is a place where over a quarter-of-century long civil war finally ended. The shore is still marked with holes of exploded land mines. Not all of the explosives are yet found and cleared. And yet, not even a decade after the war - the life goes on. The safe and familiar routine kicks in and amazing unbendable human spirit keeps on going.

#jaffnapubliclibrary is one of the most important monuments in the country. It suffered a horrible fate during the civil war when the building itself and most of the precious historical Tamil scripts were destroyed. It was fully rebuilt after the war, but the historical heritage was never fully recovered.

#ruwanwelisaya is one of the most important Buddhist temples in #SriLanka Just days away from the #poyaday (#vesakday) the preparations are full on. These guys are risking their life to get this stupa a fresh coat of whitest paint there is.

Before the fishermen of #Negombo #SriLanka go out to the sea, they have to repair their nets. It takes them around 4 hours. The next day they will set out at 10am on the fishing trip lasting 18 hours. If they are lucky they will bring back at least 1kg of fish, for which they will get paid 4USD. Sometimes though they come back with empty nets ...

Today we have something a bit different - an amazing story of the oldest #barbershop in #Singapore. A glimpse into the New Star Hairdressing Saloon through our photos.
Check out our first photo essay, a time capsule that takes you back to a time before Singapore was born. To start the journey go to the link in our Bio.

The #novitiationceremony is one of the most important events in the Buddhist life. Boys under age of 20 are joining the monastery and learn about the religion, culture and the way of life as a Buddhist monk. The first admission to the monastery is considered a great honour for the boy as well as his family. Singapura witnessed this unique celebration first-handed in #ShwedagonPagoda #Myanmar. You will find out more about it in our newest post. Stay curious! Stay tuned! (photo credit

Sit back, relax and enjoy the old tales of the legendary #Nikko, where the magnificent #Toshogu temple stands and where the spirit of the mighty Shogun #Tokugawa reigns. Check it out under the link in our Bio.

There is a saying: “Never say kekko [‘I’ve had enough’] . . . until you’ve seen #Nikko.” It is so true! #Nikko, #Japan is a truly magical place full of wonderful temples, beautiful landscapes and a unique atmosphere. You will experience it all in Singapura's new post. Stay curious! Stay tuned! (photo credit

Friendly people, breath-taking views, stubborn mules and a wonderful experience. These are only a few highlights of the trek through the #Nepalese #Himalayas. Join us, if you are not afraid to loose your heart for this magical place. Check it out under the link in out Bio.

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