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Stephen Graves  U have to see it to believe it....

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WELP!! It's official, run up get done up! @frankiggyjr told me you don't have to have conceal carry to ride with it on the dash 🔫 my little baby is still my baby just not so little. #DaddysBigGirl #JBurn

Listen. I was really trying to beat her too! I was hot. She hit me with that draw +4 and I borderline took it personal!

The small things. So the other day I paid it forward, just bc it was a nice day out why not make someone's day a lil brighter. Today my ghee n I went to get our favorite. I was embarrassing her, as usual the car in front of us was laughing. We pull up n she paid for ours. Pretty cool! Me n my Ace. She really loves me she was just caught off guard.

My heartbeats!

Sugar babies
Donuts W Dad this am

I had been holding on to these for quite sometime, didn't know when or how to wear them. I liked the shoe and today was very fitting, today an angel got her wings. We bereave in the loss of those we love, but in the sight of God he rejoices that his child has completed their work. So though our hearts are heavy, Lord we thank you for we know life with you is eternal. Sherry Graves well done thy good and faithful servant

Lost Ones
RIP Sherry Graves we love you!

Reason number 208 why Stephen can't have a van. I know it could happen with ANY vehicle but with 3 crazy girls having to close a sliding door I'm sure this would happen all the time, and no one would know who did it. #AllMyChangeWouldBeStoleOutMyCupholder

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