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The Sindacco Crime Family RP  -Xbox One

Goose6675 talking to Doc Sindacco about his future in Sindacco. Only time will tell.

WEAZEL BREAKING NEWS - Footage of The Sindacco Crime Family has just been released. After hours of video surveillance we finally managed to find evidence that the Sindacco Crime Family gathers here weekly. More will be disclosed after talks with the F.IB. Director

The drug trade has always been a controversial topic in the Mafia. Old school was against it, while the newer generations disagreed as it was a lucrative business.

" There's no such thing as good money or bad money. There's just money. " - Lucky Luciano

WEAZEL BREAKING NEWS: At 2:30 pm a group of notorious mobsters of the Sindacco Crime Family were seen today.Carring brief cases. No leads on the crimes that were committed. More on this subject when the details unfold.

Ronnie Sindacco wasn't always living the life of luxury. 5 years ago he was doing small jobs just to get by. His jobs ranged from Burglary to prostitution and anything in between. On his way out for another run he is approached by two men at his doorstep. As one of the men reaches in his pocket, Ronnie went for his gun. Before he could draw the gun a envelope was handed to him. "We have been watching you. We would like to extend to you an offer instead of a bullet." The men got in their car and left. Inside the envelope was 10,000 and a note. " You work for me now" and so started his new life as a Sindacco

Bruno Sindacco and Ronnie Sindacco holding down Sindacco Heaven.

Goose6675 and Ronnie Sindacco taking in some of the various attractions in Los Santos.

A few dings and dents but overall a well executed convoy training. Will be more pictures this weekend.

Showing some respect to the city where we live and run our businesses. Respect is earned not given.

BunkerMedusa26 getting ready to serve some knowledge to Sticky Sindacco at Fight Night.

Taking it all in, one breath at a time. Enjoying the small break before we go back at it.

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