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Simbian Chua | KLNCII  Singapore X Indonesia HEXAGON LOUNGE | @thehexagon Manager +62 82190206853 | @Iksancolly

Just friends of the Kelinci Kartell at @thehexagon last weekend... 🐰

If you took the chance to get to know us, we could have been best of friends. Being in the club business is our job. That doesn't define what we are.... #worldwithoutboundaries

I have a great taste in horology, but I have no money to prove it. 😤

All those people feeding off me and moonlighting behind my back, can only do it once. The least they could do is to do it for the right reason. #donotbitethehandthatfeedsyou

Just because it's Tacos Tuesday 🌮 at @mf.senorita 🐸🐸🐸

Teriak kepada semua orang yg bertarung di perang yg tidak bisa dilihat orang. Shout out to all the people fighting a battle that nobody can see.

Some may find my method of execution kinda fanatic, but we didn't get here doing what everybody did. #bebold

@awkarin as seen here with DJ Fluffy and KLNCII @simxbian at @thehexagon ... #hewasntready

The greatest weapon formed against mankind is a persevered woman. #nouglywomenonlylazywomen Beats by @kevblanco_dj ombré hair by @nightshade.salon

Why did we go to school? We go to school to get educated, so hopefully we wouldn't be unemployed. Why did we go to work? We go to work to get experience and get paid, so we wouldn't go hungry. Why am I self employed? I am self employed because I spent all my life living in someone else's terms. I was tired of compromising colleagues shortcomings. Following them to wherever they want to eat in Far East plaza, making small talks, pretending to be interested in whatever they wanted to preorder. That was me and I am tired of that. I didn't start a business to make deals anymore. I didn't make a business to come to terms with anyone anymore. I have been through and given up too much to go through it again. Thus, I just do not.

So you wanna be on Top (of the bar)? #sushibar #omakase #Chef @kabukesg

共有は芸術です @cxndyt @kabukesg

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