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simwise  Old timer model, writer, and mammary gland. Twin Peaks FOREVER. β˜•οΈπŸŒ²πŸŒ²β˜•οΈ Patreon.com/simwise


Okay... so here's some context on yesterday. Basically about three months ago I thought that I was pregnant again and was panicking about my Patreon as I didn't know what to do with it. So me and Sam started shooting a bunch of sets as back up (above are the selfie outtakes) and they looked pretty rad. Then I found out I wasn't pregnant so I was like "oh great I can relax and get fat this summer and don't have to worry about looking slim for pics as I have loads of sets in the bag" THEN we accidentally deleted the sets 😭😭😭 like, they're all gone. So last night I tried to shoot and recreate the sets we shot but I've put on loads of weight and couldn't do it and ended up in tears, so I don't really know what to do now (other than join the gym). Suggestions on a postcard? I mean, I would love to be all "wahey body positivity!" but I am from the old school of models where it was drummed into us that we had to be slim to look good and while I know that's not true, it's really hard for me to undo it in my head and learn to love the 'new me' as it were. πŸ€”

About ten minutes after taking this picture I burst into tears. Middle aged modeling is hard 😒

Fucking LOL. Should probably clean my mirror. #ohjeremycorbyn 🌹

I am also nearly at 10,000 followers which is pretty mental? I dunno what I'm gonna do. Maybe I'll make myself a medal from the dog shop.

Big up @palegirlpride for representing all the pasty girls out there. I proper used to hate the colour of my skin when I first started modelling and would layer myself in fake tan but ever since I saw Christina Hendricks in Mad Men I have been proud of my pasty ginger self and haven't touched the fake tan since. Winner winner chicken dinner πŸ‘

Torbaydos 🌴

Took this pic in Normandy but don't really know what to do with it? Hmm.

Excuse the shite Instaselfie, needed to post a pic to tell y'all that I wrote a blog about recent current events, link is in my profile πŸ‘

Who remembers this album!? Used to be my fave!

I'll be posting all my 40s pinup pics from Normandy to my Patreon on Wednesday, this picture variation is an outtake as I have made all the pictures into kitschy postcard pics, they look so cool. This is me at Merville gun battery with a C47. #palegirls #pinup #vintagephotography #c47 #ww2pinup #ww2 #mervillegunbattery #dday #bandofbrothers

Just editing my pictures from Normandy and was wondering which finish is better, technicolour or antique photo? Hmmmm... #vintagephotography #vintage #pinup #pinupphotography #utahbeach #normandybeach #normandy #seamstressofbloomsbury #beachphoto #vintahebeach #40s #1940s #forties #WWII #dday #polkadotdress

Can't wait to get back from France and watch the last Twin Peaks!! Now TV doesn't work over here. No spoilers!!

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