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Always a good feeling when everything works the first time out!

Heck of a weekend, here it is Wednesday and I am finally finding a moment to reflect on it.
First off, there are so many people to thank that it would take a whole post dedicated to dedications. So many people and companies (who I have previously mentioned in my other post) pulled together to make this event happen that I will touch on the few I haven't.

Thank you;
Brian Jones
Chris Pickering
Gentry McWherter
Derrick Gan
James Goad
Kerri Groth
Randall Morrow
Shawn Rusin
On to the recap:
Cherry Valley R/C Raceway
Honestly, the track is just a revision of the 2017 Summer Nationals... but I liked it. This was a fun, yet still challenging track layout, with the right additions! There are always things I want to change but overall, great track.
2.2 Indy
The Losi Rock Rey has always strugged with traction in the rear so for this Nationals I was given an opportunity to try a set of the new Boom Racing Hustler 2.2 tires with included dual stage foams.
I like the controlled feel of this setup. And after grooving and sipping the rear tires, I had a balanced contender! No podium, but qualified for the A main and it was a good race!

2.2 Unlimited
Friday's practice left me searching for turn-in on the Tekno based DW48X due to the increase in hairpin corners this year. Unable to achieve what felt "enough" I started the 1st qualifier with the Red Demon... didnt feel right so I gave the Tekno based AB410X (otherwise known as the "Decoy") a chance. Despite the track being super dry... started top of B main spot, battled to bump position and prepped for my next race.
Another rough start in the A main left me in dead last. Found my groove and was picking other drivers off one by one. Still unclear about final positions but I know this car will see future podiums!

2.2 Trophy Indy
I do love my UCFAB FIS PRT HD!
Just a rock solid performer! Great battle with Derrick Gan left me with a 3rd place finish! What more can I say about an amazing rig? :-) Awesome weekend and time to start preparing for the next one...

I truly believe that U4RC has some of the very best sponsors and motivators in all of RC!

I don't know how but I walked away with a ton of awesome raffle prizes! Huge thank you and shout outs to @vanquishproducts and @tekno_rc for the gift certificates (not shown because they are still buried in my gear lol) also to @teamottsixracing for the U4 Voodoo 2.2 and KLR 1.9 tires and @boom_racing for the HD gears, trail kit, Phat axle and 1.9 scale wheels (that are perfect for my Landcruiser FJ80 Hardbody!) And even though i didn't win prizes from these companies, I would still like to thank @prolineracing and @holmeshobbies for the awesome raffle prizes that you provided!

Thank you all!!! #2018u4rcsummernats

Why? Because... who doesn't need a new pair of shoes and the opportunity to drive a Brabus 700 6x6? :-)

Sometimes you build a scale crawler too capable that most obstacles are no longer difficult.

So what do you do?

Take on a new RTR crawler, of course, and make it the most capable rig you can! :-)

Today's AZU4RC Resurrection Race was not only a great time with some close racing amongst friends and new bloods alike but also the official unveiling and trial by fire of a new breed of U4RC 2.2 Unlimited class racer.

Taking the top podium spot on her first time out, I introduce you all to the Tekno DW48x, otherwise known by the codename, "Destroyer of Worlds". Utilizing the best components available, this rig is not only a work in progress but an evolutionary step made possible by... well, many things in fact!
With a width of 13.5" and overall wheelbase of 15" achieved by using the new Motoworx 2.2 XD17 wheels on a Tekno base. This rig started life as a NB48.3, was converted to EB48.3 and then lengthened with the ET48.3 chassis.
The body is a Proline Desert Militia, covering an Axial Wraith cage that holds a single driver interior.
Needless to say, by the end of the A-main today in 2.2 Unlimited... I knew we had a contender with massive potential that would do proud the heritage set forth by the original "Red Demon" build.

I am, very much, looking forward to what this vehicle can accomplish and can't wait for Summer Nationals in Cherry Valley!

Thank you;

Sometimes an idea pops into your head that you know needs to become reality. With all of the negative things going on in the world (and especially RC), I bring to you, a product that brings hope to new and preexisting builds.

I present to you all, Motoworx Racing 2.2 XD17 wheels.

These wheels allow 2.2 tires to be fit on vehicles with 17mm hex axle setups with only minor clearance adjustments needed.
All setups will require outer 24 hole rings and HD .325 Hex Hub.
17mm HD Hub Extenders may be required and come in .250" and .400". Current verified fitments include;
-Team Associated DB8 Nomad -Tekno EB48SL -Tekno SCT410.3 (requires TKR5570-17)
-Tekno NB48.3 (requires TKR5071C & .250" extender)

Perfect for those DB48 builds and this is a limited production run, get them while you can!!! #motoworxracing

I truly enjoy the Flex Innovations Aura 8 system so much that when an opportunity to pick up a sibling for my Mamba 10 came up... of course I did!
Welcome the QQ Extra 300 (with lights!) to the family.
As always, incredible flying requires the best equipment!

A couple very successful flights today to maiden this 89" Dynaflite Super Decathlon!

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