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#Repost @vivaelcacao:
Ella es una flor, una guardiana, un bastión del cacao Porcelana, una entregada a la alegría. Es Iraima Chacon, la mujer que nunca sale de casa sin pintarse los labios para adornar la sonrisa y la palabra que en su boca se dibujan. Hoy, los chicos de @chocolateria_hd le rinden merecido tributo lanzando una tableta de Porcelana 84% que refleja la pureza del #cacaovenezolano y la candidez de una dama que hace del campo su libertad. Felicidades, querida Iraima, es un gran placer tenerte y disfrutarte. Que sigas con nosotros en cuerpo, alma y ahora también desde tu tableta! 🍫

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Sated in every way.

Life just bursts forth. #denhaag #thehague #weeds

Wine and olives at Carool’s.

“... and all the animals.”

I’ve written a fair amount about the (5!) presentations I’m doing at #Chocoa. This is the last. But/and it is the one that, along with my short Cocoatalk, is closest to my heart. It extracts the essence of the book I spent seven years working on - and the food (of the gods) I became most enraptured with.
Cocoa and #chocolate are better because of #biodiversity - the wide range of traits held in pods and seeds that can help reduce disease, addess climate change, and support #flavor and the deep culture and indigenous knowledge behind the plant.
We save this biodiversity in three primary ways: ex situ (in stored collections as I mentioned in last week’s post), and in situ - in place - in the wild and on farms.
On 24 February from 1-1:45pm in Keurzaal, I’ll share more insights on these forms of conservation and the incredible farmers who are preserving #cacao endemic to place - but have received little to no recognition for their efforts.
The tasting will feature chocolates exclusively from @original_beans and will include guest commentary from the company’s conservation cacao leader Anders Prien Saxbol. OB is focused on thoughtful sourcing and the support of biodiversity in cacao and the surrounding ecosystems in which the crop is grown. They work with Felchlin to turn that sourced cocoa into chocolate.
You’ll have an extraordinary opportunity to taste chocolates made with wild #cocoa from the Bolivian Amazon, indigenous cocoa from Sierra Madre de Chiapas (pictured here), rare piura blanco from Northern Peru and Chuncho, heralded for its rich flavor (also from Peru). 📷 from Original Beans. Close-up is of Maya farmer Don Jose - one of the land/cocoa stewards behind the Mexican chocolate we’ll be tasting.
From the company’s literature: "Grown in Sierra Madre de Chiapas, Mexico. The Sierra Madre region is the only place in the world that can claim 4000+ years of uninterrupted cacao farming and consumption, making it a hotspot for flavourful cacao strains that have been selected and perfected by various civilizations. This is also the place where chocolate began its journey as a food for the soul...”

Longing for that light.

A love-love bar sweetened with panela, soon to be shared with @chocolateunpacked.
I am passionate about supporting the production of #chocolate bars made at origin. Why? Because, traditionally, the crop has been decoupled from the end product. The latter is where the money is, not in the raw material. (This exists for all of agriculture: bread begets more then wheat, a cappuccino begets more than green coffee, and so on.)
By bringing the ends of the supply chain together - and keeping that money in cocoa-producing communities - we can potentially give greater support to those origins.
This bar was purchased last fall at Slow Food’s biennial event, Terra Madre. The global festival celebrates the diversity of farming practices and culinary traditions.
I’m only just now trying it (thank God chocolate lasts a long time when stored properly!) - and it’s wonderful.
You can read more about the deliciousness - and impact - of bars made at origin in my old-but-gold piece for Yes! magazine. Link here and in bio for today.
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Real #valentines. Thank you, @phatlip.

Amore! (That time I arrived in Lima looking for a sign with my name on it but wanted to follow this sign even more.) Happy #diadeamor!

Reflecting back on my visiting scholar days at the University of West Indies’ Cocoa Research Centre and International Cocoa Genebank, Trinidad as I prep slides for (another!) talk at Chocoa.
I’ll be giving a short presentation on 22 Feb at 11:20am - in Grotezaal Hall 1 at Beurs van Berlage - on the importance of biodiversity and need for collections like ICG,T (the largest and most diverse collection of #cacao in the world). We’ll also have a tasting of #chocolate made at CRC that is a blend of #cocoa harvested from the collection. An extraordinary taste of #biodiversity. 💗🍫🍃

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