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Simply Thai Vancouver  The taste of Thailand in the heart of Yaletown. 🇹🇭🌶🇨🇦

Food is the ingredient that bind us together! Bring your friends and family to have some delicious Thai food at Simply Thai!

Dinner doesn't have to be boring and art doesn't have to be paintings. Food can be useful in more than one ways, that's what makes it possible for dinner to be entertaining and delicious at the same time.

It's nice to just be able to sit down and enjoy a relaxing dinner. Our refreshing cold thai beers will make you feel a joy you've never felt before. 😊
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Often claimed by our customers as having the most authentic Thai cuisine in Vancouver, we pride ourselves on serving fresh, delicious Thai dishes.

Looking for Thai food? 🍽️
Just a few plates of delicious food to share with your close ones and bond over the marvelous night, feeling blissful. ☺

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📍Vancouver, BC
Simply delicious #Thai food from @simplythaivancouver .
🦐: Mummy Prawns
🥟: Cho Muang (aka Flower Dumpling stuffed w/ minced chicken)
🐔: Ghiaw grob (wonton wrapped minced chicken)
🥗: Mango salad
🥣: Tom Kha Gai (coconut cream soup)
🍹: Thai Iced Tea
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Tom Yum is a hot and sour Thai soup. It's a signature dish of Thailand, widely served in the far east and now around the world.
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Simply Thai welcomes you to a world of exotic flavours of authentic Thai cuisine. Conveniently located in the heart of Yale town. Come in and experience the best tasting Thai food in Vancouver.

Simply Thai is one of those restaurants that has brought people from all parts of the world, including famous Hollywood celebrities. Born and raised in Thailand, Chef Grace is widely known in the restaurant industry. Having studied the art of Thai cuisine under PenPen Sittitrai – teacher and trainer of chefs for the Royal Thai family, her culinary style and art have caught various media attention in Vancouver, and delivered the reputation it deserves through its authentic and delectable repertoire of dishes. Simply Thai is just one of Yaletown's restaurants that cannot simply go unnoticed.
🍽️ Featured dish: Massaman Curry, Pad Thai
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Salman Pe-nang wild salmon in thick red curry with coconut milk, peppers topped with fresh Thai basil and lime leaves
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Simply Thai Restaurant has been opened in Yaletown for over a decade.
This establishment offers exotic fine dining in the popular Yaletown neighborhood.

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📍Vancouver, BC
When having Thai food..PAD THAI is a must. Delicious & packed w/ seafood, @simplythaivancouver does it right 🙌
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