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Simply Thai Vancouver  The taste of Thailand in the heart of Yaletown. 🇹🇭🌶🇨🇦

Here you will enjoy delicious meals with a fast & friendly service. We offer fresh local products, and bring you a flavour of authentic Thai cuisine with a modern twist in a warm, relaxed atmosphere.

Freshly deep-fried spring rolls are light, crispy and airy. Nothing beats crispy spring rolls.

Thai cuisine is designed to stimulate and excite the five senses: sour, hot, sweet, salty and neutral. Join us today at @simplythaivancouver and experience a night to remember.

Executive Celebrity Chef @siriwangrace representing @simplythaivancouver on Stage at the Vancouver Convention Centre! Don't miss out on her traditional culinary crafts 🍽️

Not only does our food taste magnificent, we also incorporate lots of creative art into our display to enhance your overall experience whenever you come visit ! 😋

Try our NEW chef’s special “MANGO SALAD” with mango strips, chopped cilantro, red onion, cashew nuts, and dressed with Thai sauce! (regular or with shrimp)

Our talented Chef Grace has been artistically crafting watermelons for over 20 years. Her skill of speed and level of detail is unparalleled, creating marvelous yet edible works of art.

Food is the ingredient that bind us together! Bring your friends and family to have some delicious Thai food at Simply Thai!

Dinner doesn't have to be boring and art doesn't have to be paintings. Food can be useful in more than one ways, that's what makes it possible for dinner to be entertaining and delicious at the same time.

It's nice to just be able to sit down and enjoy a relaxing dinner. Our refreshing cold thai beers will make you feel a joy you've never felt before. 😊
📸 @yvrandbeyond

Often claimed by our customers as having the most authentic Thai cuisine in Vancouver, we pride ourselves on serving fresh, delicious Thai dishes.

Looking for Thai food? 🍽️
Just a few plates of delicious food to share with your close ones and bond over the marvelous night, feeling blissful. ☺

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