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Life is always sweeter through the eyes of a child.
Teaching my son how to swim!
He loves the water. Such a water baby.

Crusing the indian ocean on the MSC Sinfonia.
What an amazing experience.
Loved every minute of it. We loved travelling with our friends and family.
Cannot wait to go again.

We love to travel. I was 4 months pregnant on this trip. We went on a cruise ship for 5 days and stopped over in Mozambique.
I will never forget how much I ate!
I think I ate my weight in pizza and pasta.
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I could not make it to the car. I had to eat that cupcake right there and then.
Spontaneous moments like these make life worth living.

I love having the ability to make my own choices, my own decisions about where and what I want to do.

You can do it too. It starts with the decision that you want more.
The decision that you want to have the freedom to decide that you can sit in the park eating cupcakes for an hour and not having to worry about running back to the office before your lunch break is over.

Live with love. Live with passion. Live everyday as if it were your last day on earth.
Take the time to mediate on the positive things in life.
Focus on positivity and you will always see oppurtunity and abundance.
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Having a child, is by far the biggest motivation for us to be successful.
Having someone who depends on you for everything that they need. A person that you will do absolutely anything for, gives me that extra boost when things get tough.
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