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When your squad is on pointe 🙌🏼 #myhomegirls #simplyseleta #ballet #balletforlife

Chick update: we came home to 2 precious little babies!!!! 🐣🐣 We are pretty excited. Showgirl is the sweetest mom!
This is our first time to have our own chickens lay eggs and hatch babies. The only other egg we hatched a couple of years ago came from Ebay. 😂

Showgirl is hatching her very first eggs!! And yes, that is the baby chirping from inside the eggshell. So amazing.

In the beginning you can hear Showgirl sweetly coo back to her baby when it peeps. 🐔🎶🐤

I was admiring the pretty gift my Valentine left me on the bed when our youngest proudly said, "Mom, Dad found your roses tonight at Home Depot!! I told him to go with the red ones, not the blue fake ones." 🌹😂 #dadlife

Still the man of my dreams and summit of my life. Happy Valentine's Day! 💙

Pilates newbie over here! Amazing workout at @mindful_pilates with Sharon Allen, owner, dancer, and certified Pilates instructor. Her classes are fun, well instructed, and customized for your body - a great way to improve strength and flexibility. #pilatesreformer #mindfulpilates #pilateslife

☕️☕️ break with my homegirl in the middle of our crazy 18 hour day of driving and ballet.

NFB Académie dancers representing at ABT summer intensive auditions today! #abtsummerintensives

Early this morning.
I love that in nature there is always the promise of sun after the storm. You'll never see an unhappy bird after the rain, only a creature who joyfully sings in the beauty of the present.

There is no pointe to ever giving up, no matter how many times you have to try again.
Wearing my new @body.wrappers skirt to inspire upcoming pointe work. First skirt I've found that combines my love of design and ballet. #simplyseleta #pointe #ballet

MLK had it right. We are here to inspire, encourage, and love one other.

Beautiful start to the weekend.