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Sadie Jane Sabin  SELFLOVE ADVOCATE mom of 3 Yoga•CrossFit•RN•Kids Meditations👇🏻 #ssjanefitness SELFLOVE SERIES: 5 COURSES TO CALL YOURSELF HOME! 👇🏻✨👇🏻

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (yesterday) to my Baylor Bear!
I can’t believe you are 7 years old;
my sweet, wild, sensitive, brilliant little man.
Before we left on this trip you were so worried about us leaving you. You tried to calculate and organize your emotions to best understand your space while we were gone.
We had long talks about why mom and dad needed alone time. I explained to you that I don’t get recess or play dates and this was our recess, so we could recharge and be the best parents ever...with mistakes along the way still 😬.
Your birthday looked amazing! Sophie did such an amazing job making you feel special. And guess what...I miss you too! So much!
Hawaii isn’t the same without you. Without you holding my hand and jumping off of waterfalls and helping me be brave.
You see me for who I am. You see my soul and my higher self. You don’t care about weight or cellulite or outfits or really any other possible external concept or insecurity. You see me unfiltered and raw and you love me exactly that way.
Just like my physical body, my mental body isn’t perfect. It’s scarred and worn. Some of it still healing. And yet, you don’t see it that way. Even when my imperfections shine and my impatience takes over, you are there to tell me it’s okay.
You just see me, as your mom. Doing the best she can!
I am forever grateful for that.
You can always call me buddy! Even if I don’t think I’m enough for you, or I feel like I’m messing you least you know you can always call me if you are sad.
I love you, always and forever. ❤️❤️❤️
Here’s to all the moms trying to not screw up their kids and the babysitters who are more like superheroes that help us along the way.

I recorded a 15 minute beach meditation yesterday and will be sending it out for free to my entire email list...hopefully by tomorrow!
Just a few words I’ve felt the ocean has given me this trip.
We are so lucky to live on a world that gives us so much!
Happy Wednesday babes!
#ssjselfloveheroes #ssjtravels

Want a killer shoulder, arms, and abs burner?
One-legged downdog to knee-to-elbow touches.
They will get you every time.
After each elbow touch extend all the way to one-legged downdog again until fatigue.
This flow was really slow for me. I didn’t really push my body or “extend” as far as I could.
I’ve felt really sluggish in my movements lately, like everything feels more tight and stiff and I’ve felt a little off balance.
When I feel this way I have to be a little more patient with myself and my body.
I honor my body with movement every day but I also know that movement will feel differently every day and that’s okay!
Don’t judge your movement today off of your movement yesterday. I know that seems contrary to normal goal setting, but you won’t get anywhere if you focus on yesterday.
Honor that beautiful body today. Every day!
#ssjanefitness #ssjtravels

If your dress matches the have to gram it!
No filter necessary for this magical place.
Kauai feels like a second home for us since my parents decided to create some roots here about 4 years ago. We feel really lucky that we get to come back every year and I love taking you all along with me on my adventures.
Thanks for letting me overgram the next couple weeks!
I will share links and info for all my outfits on my stories.
Also! Share all your fun Kauai favs with me! I always love to hear all the magical things you can do!
#ssjtravels #kauai

I used to feel bad when I felt bad.
“Why am I waking up with anxiety?”
“Why do I feel down?”
“My life is amazing, but I still struggle. I shouldn’t feel this way.”
That’s when shame creates a dark space in that feeling and makes it almost impossible to let it go.
Allow yourself to honor how you feel. Honor your emotions and understand that you are human.
We all have moments.
We all have those days.
Give yourself some grace girl! ❤️🌴❤️

The last giveaway of the week is OF COURSE the full printed maternity and labor bundle with the video membership, meditations, and Facebook group! 🎉🎉🎉
Don’t worry, if you’ve already bought, you can still win.
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100% posted this picture because of Henry who was only posing so he could get closer to the cake AND although Baylor looks miserable, he’s not. 🤣 His mouth is just full of gumballs.
ANYWAY we celebrated Baylor Bear’s birthday a little early tonight at @getairsports before we left out of town and had the best time.
I can’t believe he’s 7!
We love you so much Baylor. Thanks for always inventing stuff, doing magic tricks, and taking care of our cat. 🙄🤣❤️
Thank you #getair and @meganfaulknerbrown for the most perfect fake birthday!

CANYONLANDS BACKPACKING TRIP YOUTUBE video is FINALLY UP! Excuse me for yelling but I am so stoked to finally share it with you!
No cell phones. No distractions. No noise or agenda.
I was terrified before we went. My pack was heavy, I had no way of staying in contact with my kids, and I didn’t think I was ready.
Turns out I was exactly what it needed and it was exactly what I needed...which is always how life turns out.
Freakin life man, if only we trusted it more!
I think it would serve us so well if we stopped resisting and just leaned in.
More of my thought on the blog and the full video on my YouTube.
#ssjtravels #canyonlands #backpacking

Funky ruts or spouts of anxiety can happen when we least expect it.
These are some of the ways I like to shake off that anxiety and refocus my energy!
I hope they help you do the same! ❤️DON’T FORGET TO SAVE AND REFER TO LATER❤️

My face literally looks like I’m going to come kill you in your sleep but try to look past it and notice what I’m giving away for DAY 3 of my giveaways this week!
I received this travel system right before we moved to our new home and when I opened the box I knew it wasn’t supposed to be mine...I mean, Henry’s not in an infant car seat anymore and who knows if I will ever need an infant car seat again 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
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It’s 11 pm but don’t you dare think I forgot about the giveaway today!
Whether your pregnant or not, a new mattress is a beautiful thing...especially if it’s from @lucid.mattress
Every single mattress in our home is a @lucid.mattress and we love them so much we are giving one away!
A 10” gel memory foam hybrid mattress to be exact.
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In honor of my maternity and labor course launch, I thought I would celebrate with a different giveaway everyday this week for all of you!
I couldn’t ask for a more supportive community! Especially this year as I’ve been working behind the scenes to curate content that will help you live an empowered beautiful life. Although it might “make more sense” or “get better engagement” to place myself in a specific category, you’ve followed me along the journey of my life and allowed me to carve my own path. The path of self-love, self-empowerment, and self-improvement with a side of my family and random ridiculous nonsense.
Thank you! From the bottom of my heart!
These giveaways this week will be for all of you with some serious perks for my pregnant homies!
First up:
One of my absolutely favorite SLC boutiques @koodeker
Owned by one of the baddest boss babes, this boutique stays true to its own unique vibe and has clothing for all styles and shapes. Don’t worry, she has an online shop too!
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