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Yesi 📷Editorial Photographer  Editorial and lifestyle photographer. Really into the color pink, coffee dates and Jesus.

Just a little sweet 💘😏

I’ve had multiple conversations with different women about being perfectionists. I catch myself being like this about almost everything. I’m also trying to decipher between a perfectionist and what could be ocd habits...I posted this photo a few days ago...but i noticed I had this white thing on my shirt, and I couldn’t let go of it, it kept bothering me even though I’m sure no one noticed it. So i deleted it after an hour (swipe left) What’s that considered? Lol so many questions. Are you a perfectionist? If so, how do you deal with it? How do you let go and just be okay with okay sometimes 📷 @geridelvento

Sunday vibez #jamesonpartner

Miami, my favorite city. #jamesonpartner

There’s a block party this Sunday in Miami, bring your friends 🥰💕💃🏻🥃🌞DM me for info cause you know this picture makes you want to go lol #jamesonpartner

Blast from the past. Model: @gracekoenig_ from @thesyndical / hair&makeup: @rojasmake / styling + photography: @simplylively #miamieditorialphotographer #miamifashionphotographer

My friends waiting for my life to make sense 🤦🏻‍♀️😅 models: @realllyjess @meisheng__ / stylist: @rauljohannex / hair and makeup: #miamieditorialphotographer #miamifashionphotographer

I can’t believe it’s going to be a week since I took a work trip to LA. A lot of you asked me how it went, and I didn’t post anything on here because I took a red eye flight back to Miami and I was exhausted after 12 hours of shooting. But it went really well! The day before I wasn’t too nervous, I was actually excited and ready to shoot. It’s crazy because prior to leaving I had a very difficult time emotionally. I felt extremely overwhelmed and under qualified (meaning I felt I would fail at this job). I had moments where I was so anxious that it would paralyze me and I had to fight thru it to finish other jobs in between. I share this because it’s something I struggle with. The way I talk to myself, the little I believe in myself (although I’m surrounded with people who believe in me). This was eye opening to the way I need to handle these situations, how I need to value my work, the way I talk/encourage myself. God clearly gave me the desires of my heart, and I ended up turning it into something so negative. One thought I kept reminded myself was “if God got me to it, he’ll help me through it.” I practiced a lot of breathing exercises, and a lot of begging God to remove the anxiety, knowing I would have to teach myself to deal with the responsibility and fight thru it. I don’t say this for you to let me know how “good” I am, I share this to let you know that a work trip to LA as dreamy as it sounds, came with a lot of stress, anxiety, and responsibility. I’m also standing here, a week later with a new perspective on how I need to handle these situations and embrace the responsibility, challenges, and love myself a little more.

Posting this photo because It’s a self reminder that I can have a great time exploring a city and asking strangers to take a photo and capture the moment

Wanted to post this right away cause I tend to over think my images. The more they simmer in my phone, the more I question my technique, my editing style etc. So here’s a photo I took today of @arlenetime. Wanted to show you guys how we created the streak of light (swipe left). Let me know if you have any questions! #miamifashionphotographer #miamieditorialphotographer

Yes MIAMI and this cold front. Find a jacket and lean on a friend.

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