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Todaaaaaay is a very special daaaaaay! When I was doing my SFS I forgot this cutie and since her birthday is today I wanted to do something special and send out a request to all of my followers to go and follow her too.
Seriously, this woman is singlehandedly responsible for my presence in the cosplay community. She took me under her wing and guided my skiddish, awkward self when I had no idea what I was doing. She's so ridiculously talented and puts 100% of herself into every piece. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit in love with her 😘 but it's quite hard not to be. She's one of my favorite cosplayers (i.e., my favorite) and I think that she has something special and unique to share with the world πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• @spades_and_aces

Did a thing today! New content soon, I guess 😁 (special thanks to @aroredhoodie for being my substitute photographer)

Hinata is bae 😍 #cosplay #hinatacosplay #mostgirls

When you can't wear contacts so you just use apps to change your eye color xD #photoshopswag

I'm very excited for the beach meet-up today! Gonna play in the water and probably get burnt to a crisp again! #cosplay #hinatacosplay

Look what I didn't forget about! The last of my SFS returns!
@calamity_cosplay shows an incredible amount of ingenuity when it comes to design. They can take animalistic beings and translate them seemlessly into human forms and it amazes me!
@chunkycosplay is absolutely freaking adorable. Honestly, they put so much personality into their cosplay that it sticks with you along side the quality of their work! I remember seeing Temari way back when and was thrilled when I saw they were cosplaying Rose Quartz.
@armins_pretty_boy_swag is actually someone I went to high school with and I love seeing what they're doing. While it's a tentative dip of a toe into the craziness of cosplay I see so much potential to explode into the scene with a vigor and excitement that infects those around them. You go, boo ❀️
#sfs #SimplyBdayS4S #returns

Not cosplay related, but perhaps the funniest video I've ever taken of my cat. #MeowMeowImACow

I was tagged by a couple people to do the #InAndOutOfCosplay challenge and what timing! I just gave myself a new haircut so that worked out well, lol. TBH I look way more cutesy in that selfie than I actually act IRL πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Anywho! I tag @cookedcrayola @consortcreations and @crafty_costuming to do the thing!

#cosplay #cosplaychallenge (Side note! I have my last sfs return to post, I just wanna make sure to post it during the day, but I also sleep during the day, lol)

A lovely picture with the most handsome man I know ;) Side note that it seems I'll be pretty quiet, update wise, for at least the next couple weeks. I've started working my graveyard shifts so my life is work and sleep and work and sleep.

#cosplay #taikaicon #stevenuniverse #stevenuniversecosplay #borderlands #borderlandscosplay

Hey, frens! So, in a bit of a delicate situation, I've decided to start a photography account, @simplycosplayphotography , but I feel the need to explain myself so as to prevent any potential malice from coming up as a byproduct of it. So, I had a bad, semi-public break with another semi-prominent member of my local cosplay community, but as a side effect of being a smaller community we still run in the same circles. It was through second hand knowledge that I found out that they recently started up a cosplay photography page of their own and when I found out I was kind of like, "wait... I have years of backstock of photos that I've taken of other cosplayers and some of them are pretty nice. I can't believe I didn't think of doing that before!" I was initially very reluctant to set up a page so soon after this other person simply because I didn't want to seem like I was trying to out do them, or like I was copying them, or any other such thing. I wanted it to be a completely separate venture that I've decided to take on my own, and after talking to some friends regarding it I was encouraged to do what I wanted despite my worries. Still, however, I feel the need to put out this disclaimer because goodness knows drama happens and I would prefer not to contribute to it through some misunderstanding of my intentions. ---
Much love,

@roren_zero I have been Instagram stalking this person forEVER, and I had the pleasure on meeting them in person for the first time in a class I was taking (it's actually a really funny story where I wasn't 100% sure it was them so I didn't want to say anything and thoroughly embarrass myself). They're super talented and just the bested awkward bean. Seriously. Follow them. Like yesterday.
@ladyiredell_cosplays let's talk about cuties who need lots more love. This cosplayer is super adorable and I love their Ciel! I very much look forward to seeing them grow more and I'm excited to see what Cosplay's they pursue next!

I'm just doing a little bit every day :) #cosplay #inprogress

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